Parcel Tracker Goes Green

Parcel Tracker is ushering in an age of carbon negative deliveries

Why Go Green?

We all love online shopping and the convenience of having parcels delivered to our door. This added convenience however comes at the cost of increased CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. We have taken it upon ourselves to carbon offset the last leg of each parcel's journey that is scanned through Parcel Tracker. To date we've carbon neutralised over 1 Million deliveries and planted 10,000 trees.

We understand the roll we play in keeping our planet green and safe for future generations!

How We Calculate Emissions

1 Million Parcels

We've carbon neutralised the "last leg" of the journey for over a million parcels to date.

500,000 KM

We've taken it upon ourselves to decarbonise over half a million kilometres worth of delivery van journeys.

10,000 Trees

We're decarbonising today and planting trees for the future. We're carbon negative!

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Our Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests by employing local people to plant millions of trees every year. We have planted 10,000 trees in Madagascar already.

Nitric Acid Abatement

Ensuring noxious fertiliser by-products are abated in Pakistan and creating local jobs. UN CDM accredited avoidance carbon credit.

Avoided Grassland Conversion

Protecting 410,000 hectare of native lands in Kenya. Co-benefiting the community with ecological and local employment. VCS accredited avoidance carbon credit.


Large-scale tree-planting strategy bringing employment and enhancing biodiversity to Uganda. VCS accredited removal carbon credit.

Peatland Restoration

Supporting restoration of carbon storing peat land in Indonesia. Excellent community engagement. VCS accredited avoidance carbon credit.

Solid Waste to Energy

Reducing methane emissions and increasing recovery of metals and other recyclable materials in India. Brining local health and energy benefits. UN CDM accredited avoidance carbon credit.

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