Log all your inbound deliveries at the press of a button through the mobile app or web platform.

You can use the Parcel Tracker Mailroom application to snap a photo of the parcel and mail labels, it will automatically detect the correct recipient and notify them via email or SMS regarding their delivery. You can also log all your deliveries through the Parcel Tracker Mailroom web platform.

Once a parcel is ready to be collected, recipients can either present a QR code or their name at the reception or mailroom, and collect their parcels from staff. You can also use our self-service parcel collection kiosk app if you have a parcel room where people collect their own mail. Either way you are certain never to lose a parcel, always keep a digital signature or record of the collection that is searchable.

In addition to basic info, such a parcel images, delivery and collection timestamps, and the members of staff handling the parcel, you can also record notes, tracking numbers, courier details and tags.

Automate Notifications

Once all the parcels are scanned they will be grouped by recipient and notifications sent for collection. These can be sent via Email, SMS, Slack, Teams or via our APIs and Webhooks!

Quickly Scan Labels

Use the Parcel Tracker Mailroom app to scan the name on a parcel’s label. Parcel Tracker will automatically recognise the recipient, snap a photo of the parcel and notify them in seconds!

Secure Collections and Drop-offs

Create accountability and fix mix-ups by requiring a signature or picture at pickup/drop-off. Recipients can also collect their parcel with the QR code they receive via email.

Try Parcel Tracker For Free

After your 14-day trial of the Professional Plan, enjoy the free version of Parcel Tracker – you’ll be able to manage 100 parcels, forever!

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