Secure your parcel management process and make sure that no packages are lost at the reception or mailroom.

Start collecting signatures on parcel pickup and verifying the correct people receive their packages. Parcel Tracker will include a unique QR code in each notification that is sent out, reception and mailroom staff can scan this QR code and view all the outstanding parcels for said person. Subsequently only the correct parcels can be handed off to the recipient and logged out of the system.

The parcels that require collecting are listed with their receipt date, barcode, and an image that is automatically recorded every time a parcel is recorded into the system. These data points drastically reduce confusion when handing parcels out and make sure that the correct one is given out each time.

Drop-off Photo

With Parcel Tracker Mailroom you can snap a photo of the location you drop off the parcel and this photo will be sent to the recipient via their favourite notification channel to show them where their packages have been left.


Parcel Tracker will always require a method of identification for proof-of-collection/drop-off. The simplest of these is collecting a signature or note during the handoff process.

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