How tags, notes and parcel images help businesses effectively manage deliveries.

Tags, notes and image attachments allow receptions, mailrooms and delivery areas to optimise their package management process and communication with recipients.

For example, when logging a parcel, adding a perishable tag can remind recipients to collect flowers, food deliveries and the like much faster. Labs and research centres can notify staff that important perishable chemicals have arrived, or add other notes to them. Rejected and oversized items can also be recorded using tags. Mailrooms and parcel receiving areas can also record images of parcels to either prove the package was damaged on receipt or make it easier to find packages later from a heap of deliveries.

Staff can also record general notes, courier names and tracking numbers if these are not automatically detected when scanning the parcel.

Add Notes

Record custom notes regarding the parcel delivery. Log a purchase order number or have very specific instructions that need to be recorded.

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Add Tags

Add tags to deliveries and mark them as damaged upon delivery, perishable, oversized or rejected. These tags are then attached to the recipient notification letting them know about their delivery before they even collect it. You can even add custom tags.

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Record Package Size and Type

Note down the parcel type and size at the click of a button, be it a large, medium, small or letter mail.

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Record Tracking Numbers and Couriers

Parcel Tracker will always try to extract the carrier details along with the parcel’s tracking number. You can also record and amend these details manually.

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Attach Photos

Attach extra photos of the parcel or mail to highlight damage, peculiarities or simply what the parcel looks like.

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