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Co-working Office

Student Housing



Luxury Residential

Reception / front of house desk

that manages parcels

Dedicated mail-room

that accepts and distributes parcels


Time spent managing per parcel

Parts of parcel tracking

Without Parcel Tracker

With Parcel Tracker

Give Out 

146 seconds


46 seconds

Time and money saved yearly


Daily parcels


Daily parcels


Daily parcels

100 Hours

500 Hours

1000 Hours

£1500 saved

£7600 saved

£15,000 saved

All data above is based of real world Parcel Tracker usage data and on site analysis of parcel management


Units/beds: 650

Daily parcels logged: 50

Before Parcel Tracker: 200 sec/parcel

After Parcel Tracker: 30 sec/parcel

Time saved annually: 826 Hours

Saving: £13,000

Assuming £15 hourly pay for front of house staff, not indicative of actual pay at Derwent FM


"Prior to utilising Parcel Tracker on our site, our front of house staff had to manually log every parcel in and out using the old fashioned pen and paper.

They then had to individually email each resident to let them know something had arrived.


This system was not only non-compliant with GDPR, but also inefficient, time consuming, and unsustainable.


Since moving to Parcel Tracker, we have been able to provide our post service with a minimum of work, while giving the residents a more secure, and reliable, service." -Ben Graham, Soft Services Manager, Pittville Student Village


Units/beds: 1100

Daily parcels logged: 70

Before Parcel Tracker: 220 sec/parcel

After Parcel Tracker: 78 sec/parcel

Time saved annually: 1000 Hours

Saving: £15,000

Assuming £15 hourly pay for front of house staff, not indicative of actual pay at Derwent FM


“Parcel Tracker has been a tremendous help to the team here at Portland Green Student Village. Before using Parcel Tracker each package we received had to be logged on paper. Staff had to type up the written logs onto the computer and then email students through a mail merge. With the sheer amount of post we receive each day, this process took a considerable time; the margin for error was a lot higher, and the service we were providing to our residents suffered as a result. Parcel Tracker allows us to quickly scan and track parcels as they are received and collected, and saves our staff a lot of time!” -Daisy Winter, Customer Service and Sales Advisor


Units/beds: 130

Daily parcels logged: 30

Before Parcel Tracker: 180 sec/parcel

After Parcel Tracker: 57 sec/parcel

Time saved annually: 350 Hours

Saving: £5200

Assuming £15 hourly pay for front of house staff, not indicative of actual pay at Derwent FM


"Originally, we didn’t expect manually logging parcels in our Leeds building to be too taxing on staff time, as we only have 117 residents. We quickly realised that our reception team couldn’t handle the volume of posts and we were receiving the equivalent of a 600+ bed site. Our students love to online shop!


Logging post manually would take 30% of our working day. Parcel Tracker has been an amazing tool, we can’t imagine working without it. It saves on time, tracking efficiency and improves our customer service. Our residents are alerted as soon as the parcel arrives and due to this they tend to collect sooner. This helps manage our limited storage space as parcels are not left for days in our store room.


We’ve been impressed with the support given by the Parcel Tracker team, who work tirelessly to constantly improve the service. It’s been so effective and efficient that we are rolling it out to all our properties this September." - Lisa Kennedy, Senior Property Manager