Keep recipients and tenants in the loop regarding their deliveries.

With Parcel Tracker Mailroom you can keep parcel recipients (staff, residents or tenants) informed about their delivery through their favourite communication channels; be it Email, SMS, Slack, WhatsApp, Teams or a custom app you've built. You can customise the notifications to match your internal parcel management process. For example if parcels require collection after receiving them, the notifications can include a pickup QR code that recipients should present to collect their packages. If on the other hand you run a mailroom or concierge that delivers parcels to members or tenants, the notifications can warn the recipients that the parcels are on their way.

Parcel Tracker Mailroom can be customised to perfectly suit your needs and workflow, be it via our receipt, collection or reminder notifications.

Communicate On Your Favourite Channels

Parcel Tracker is super flexible and can accommodate all your communication channels. Out of the box we work with SMS, Emails, Webhooks, Slack, Teams and more! We also have an open API if you want to do some custom work. If you use something else contact Customer Services and they can confirm we work with that channel as well.

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Automated Reminders

Set up and customise the frequency at which reminder notifications are sent to recipients regarding their outstanding parcels. Reminders can be a lifesaver for cluttered mailrooms and receptions as they drastically speed up parcel collections and stop people from forgetting their items.

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Automate Notifications

Send out automatic notifications once parcels have been scanned into the site and notifications when parcels have been collected. You'll never have to manually call, email or leave paper slips in the recipients' PO boxes.

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Try Parcel Tracker For Free

After your 14-day trial of the Professional Plan, enjoy the free version of Parcel Tracker – you’ll be able to manage 100 parcels, forever!

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