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Simplified parcel forwarding for more than 1,000,000 deliveries

Log Parcels and Notify Customers

Quickly scan the parcel label with Parcel Tracker, it will detect the customer, notify them and record the delivery.

With a digital delivery log you'll never lose a package, you'll create full parcel trackability and reduce parcel management time by over 70%.

Branded Tracking Page

Provide customers with a branded tracking page to view the status of their package.

Keeping customers updated on the parcel's whereabouts will ease delivery anxiety, reduce support requests and free up your teams bandwidth.

Customise Branding

Customise all the notifications to meet your company's brand, and effortlessly improve communications, tracking and provide a superior quality of service to your clients.

Creating a unique experience and brand will make you stand above competition and make you the go to solution in your geography.


Owner at Shippello

“Parcel Tracker has been a complete game changer for us, our customers love it.”

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Everything You Need

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Contactless collections:

Recipients can collect their parcel with QR codes they receive via email: no signatures are required and there is no physical contact to collect parcels.

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Analytics and reports:

Spot trends to improve operations, streamline and scale your parcel management processes.

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Quickly log packages:

Use your phone or tablet to scan of the parcel label and automatically log the delivery. No new hardware is needed.

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Add tags and notes:

Add notes, photos and custom tag to parcels when you wish to log custom information.

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Log outbound parcels:

Log and track all the parcels your recipients and tenants send out from your site.

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Secure Collections and drop-offs:

Create accountability, discourage theft and fix mail mixups by requiring a signature or picture at pickup/drop-off.

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