Make bulky paper ledgers and folders a thing of the past.

Digital records have many advantages over their paper based counterparts, including being searchable. You'll be able to search and filter through the entire log of deliveries in a matter of seconds.

With digital logs, a range of data is tracked that otherwise would not have been recorded with paper-based methods, these include: photos of the parcels, accurate time stamps (to the second) of how the parcel was handled and by whom.

Go Paperless

Help yourself and the planet in one swoop; make thick binders full of paper-based parcel logs a thing of the past. Start logging deliveries with Parcel Tracker Mailroom and maintain digitally searchable logs.

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Searchable Delivery Log

Parcel Tracker Mailroom will automatically create a searchable history for all the parcels you log through the software. With this mailroom management software, you'll be able to search the barcodes, courier, recipient names for all the parcels you've logged. You'll also have the option to filter parcels by date received and collected.

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Secure and Accessible

Parcel Tracker Mailroom stores all its data in a GDPR compliant manner on secure cloud servers. Everything is encrypted and safe, all whilst being accessible to you around the world.

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Try Parcel Tracker For Free

After your 14-day trial of the Professional Plan, enjoy the free version of Parcel Tracker – you’ll be able to manage 100 parcels, forever!

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