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Internal Parcel tracking system

Parcel Management Made Easy

Parcel Tracker is an App-Based, parcel management software made to save the user time by reducing the time spent logging parcels down to seconds.

  • Log parcels with one scan
  • Send an instant notifications (Email and SMS)
  • Collect proof of collection using QR codes for social distancing.

Why Parcel Tracker

Save Time Managing Parcels

Staff will spend 70% less time dealing with packages, giving them the ability to focus on value added work

Enable Social Distancing

Reduce person-to-person contact via remote notifications and contactless proof of collection

Never Lose a Parcel

Accurately log all packages, uniquely tag them and create accountability. Critical deliveries will never get lost or misplaced.


Hours saved for users


Units under management


Parcels logged

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Frequently Asked Questions

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