Save Time Managing Parcels

Accurately log all packages, uniquely tag them and create accountability. Critical deliveries will never get lost or misplaced.

Enable Social Distancing

Reduce person-to-person contact via remote notifications and contactless proof of collection

Never Lose a Parcel

Staff will spend 70% less time dealing with packages, giving them the ability to focus on value added work

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Key Features

Customise the notifications sent out to recipients with your branding and logo

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Upload all your recipients from an excel or CSV in one click

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Recipients can collect their parcel with QR codes they receive via email: no signatures are required and there is no physical contact to collect parcels.

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Spot trends to improve operations, streamline and scale your parcel management processes.

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Collect e-signature from recipient on parcel collections.

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Automatically notify recipients when their packages are ready to be collected via Slack, SMS, or Email.

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See a live status or history of each parcel. Check information such as courrier info, barcode, recipient name, staff handling the delivery, photos, signatures and more.

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Use your phone or tablet to take a scan of each parcel and automatically log the delivery. No new hardware is needed.

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What Clients Say

Buildings and Companies of every industry, type, and location rely on Parcel Tracker to ensure the best service for their tenants and customers!

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Pacific BMG

Parcel tracker has been a complete game changer for us, we love it.

Juliet W

Building Manager

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