Simplified parcel management for more than 1,000,000 deliveries

Quickly Scan Labels

Use the Parcel Tracker app to scan the name or barcode on a parcel’s label. Parcel Tracker will automatically recognise the recipient, snap a photo of the parcel and send them a notification in seconds!

You can even scan multiple parcels in one go and send out batch notifications. You’ll never have to log parcels manually; our users save an average of 1250 hours a year. What would you do with this extra time?

Automate Notifications and Speed Up Collections

Once all the parcels are scanned they will be grouped by recipient and notifications sent for collection. These can be Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Slack and Teams notifications, or even link it to your own app via our API and Webhooks!

Protect Important Deliveries and Enable Contactless Pickups

Create accountability and ensure parcels are handed over correctly with a signature or a picture at pickup/drop-off.

Recipients can also collect their parcel with the QR codes they receive via email; conforming with social distancing rules and enabling contactless collections.

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Building manager

“Parcel Tracker has been a complete game changer for us, we love it.”

Everything You Need

Parcel Tracker tags, notes and images attachments allow receptions, mailrooms and delivery areas to optimise their package management process and communication with recipients.

Quickly Scan and Log Packages using Parcel Tracker

Log all your deliveries at the press of a button through the mobile application or web platform. Snap a photo of package with the Parcel Tracker application, it will automatically detect the correct recipient and notify them via email or SMS regarding their delivery.

Proof-of-Dispatch through Parcel Tracker

Log parcels waiting to be sent from your site and create a proof-of-dispatch. Parcel Tracker can also track parcels to their destination from the moment you dispatch them with over 900 couriers integrations built into the system.

Recipients can collect their parcel with QR codes they receive via email: no signatures are required and there is no physical contact to collect parcels.

Secure parcel pickups and generate proof of hand-off for each parcel your team manages. Parcels will never go missing and your team will have the proof that parcels were collected or delivered to the correct person.

Start creating parcel management reports for your SLAs. Dive deep into your analytics to improve your processes and save costs.

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Everything You Need

Contactless collections:

Recipients can collect their parcel with QR codes they receive via email: no signatures are required and there is no physical contact to collect parcels.

Analytics and reports:

Spot trends to improve operations, streamline and scale your parcel management processes.

Quickly log packages:

Use your phone or tablet to scan of the parcel label and automatically log the delivery. No new hardware is needed.

Add tags and notes:

Add notes, photos and custom tag to parcels when you wish to log custom information.

Log outbound parcels:

Log and track all the parcels your recipients and tenants send out from your site.

Secure Collections and drop-offs:

Create accountability, discourage theft and fix mail mixups by requiring a signature or picture at pickup/drop-off.

An Age Of Carbon Negative Logistics

1 million parcels carbon neutralised
1 Million Parcels

We've carbon neutralised the "last-leg" of the journey for over a million parcels to date.

decarbonised over half a million km worth of delivery van journey
500,000 KM

We've taken upon us to decarbonise over half a million km worth of delivery van journey.

10,000 trees planted
10,000 Trees

We're decarbonising today and planting trees for the future. We're carbon negative!

Explore our green projects

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After your 14-day trial of the Professional Plan, enjoy the free version of Parcel Tracker – you’ll be able to manage 100 parcels per month for free, forever!

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