Parcel Tracker Features

Every feature you need to manage incoming and outgoing parcels.

Log Inbound Parcels

Scan each parcel and automatically log the delivery...

Log Outbound Parcels

Log outbound parcels, collect proof of dispatch and track

Automate Notifications

Send notifications and reminders via Email, SMS, and more...

Multi Hop Routing

Learn more about Multi Hop Routing

Secure Collections

Collect e-signatures from recipients for parcel collections

Contactless Collection

Collect contactless proof of collection

Digital Delivery Log

Create a searchable, accessible and archivable digital log

Tags and Notes

Add tags, notes and photos to parcel deliveries at your site

Secure Pickup Kiosk

Allow recipients to collect their own parcels...

Custom Notifications

Customise notifications to match your brand identity...


Generate reports and view analytics...

Enterprise Features

Learn more about Parcel Tracker Enterprise Features

PO Number Extraction and

Automate PO number extraction and reconciliation