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Internal Parcel tracking system

Parcel Management Made Easy

Parcel Tracker is an App-Based, parcel management software made to save the user time by reducing the time spent logging parcels down to seconds.

  • Log parcels with one scan
  • Send an instant notifications (Email and SMS)
  • Collect proof of collection using QR codes for social distancing.

Why Parcel Tracker

Save Time Managing Parcels

Staff will spend 70% less time dealing with packages, giving them the ability to focus on value added work

Enable Social Distancing

Reduce person-to-person contact via remote notifications and contactless proof of collection

Never Lose a Parcel

Accurately log all packages, uniquely tag them and create accountability. Critical deliveries will never get lost or misplaced.


Hours saved for users


Units under management


Parcels logged

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to manually enter parcel data or type anything?

You need not put any data into the app manually. You just need to angle your phone directly at a parcel label and use your camera to scan the parcel. Make sure you get the name of the recipient and the app will just read it automatically. It will then send them an email as well as a text, to notify them. We ensure that our app will uniquely identify each parcel.

What happens if a parcel does not have a barcode?

That’s okay, don’t worry. A parcel without a barcode is easy to track. Just use a felt tip pen to write a unique number onto the parcel and manually log it into the application. If you can, we recommend you use sticky labels which also have barcodes. This can help our mailroom management app immediately pick up the information via camera instead.

What happens if parcels are incorrectly labelled or missing recipient information?

If you require internal tracking, our app will be able to detect the tenant that is on the label, even if they fail to write their address and their name in full. However, if the app just doesn’t seem to be working in this instance, you can manually punch in the details of the tenant and the app will search the database manually.

What happens if tenants use nicknames on parcels

If you have a tenant who uses a shortened name, or a nickname, you can assign nicknames in the app. This then immediately gives the app the ability to recognise and alert the correct recipient.

Do I require any special hardware to use Parcel Tracker?

No, you don’t need any kind of e-sign pads, or scanners for barcodes, or any kind of hardware. Just use your phone and our app. The software our app uses is very agile, and versatile. You can download it onto Android, a web-based app, or onto your iOS platform.

What devices can I use Parcel Tracker with?

Below are listed the specification for your internal parcel tracker software.

Minimum Parcel Tracker Android Specifications:
-Android 5.0 or later
-2GB of RAM
-1.5GHz processor 

Suggested Parcel Tracker  Android Specifications:
-Android 7.0 or later
-4GBP of RAM
-2.2GHz processor 

Minimum Parcel Tracker  iOS specification:
-iPhone 6 or later
-iOS12 or later 

Suggest Parcel Tracker iOS Specification
-iPhone 8 or later
-iPad 2019 or later

Why is Parcel Tracker the best internal parcel tracking software?

We believe our app is incredibly reliable which makes it one of the best mailroom management software on the market. It just makes parcel management simpler by never needing to manually put in details, making your parcel business smooth and automated. You can cut hours of boring administration, down to mere seconds with our app.

Manual data entry is not required. The App is very easy to get to grips with You can cut your parcel management time by over 70% Easy collect and proof of pick up tracking Parcels will stop going missing!

Does the mailroom management software send reminders to collect parcels?

Don’t worry, the app will continuously send reminders to the tenants if their parcels are yet to be collected. This will mean that every single parcel is collected in the end and your mailroom will finally be free from clutter! 

How does Parcel Tracker collect proof-of-collection?

There are two main methods used to prove that a parcel has been picked and collected. Firstly, the QR code is sent right to the email. If the QR code is then scanned, this can be used as proof of collection. 

However, if the parcels are being handled manually, the tenant can just sign for the parcel and this can be done on any e-sign device. The other great thing is, you now have a history of every single parcel that has been signed for and collected.

How does contactless proof-of-collection work?

We all know that social distancing is important, which is why we use QR code collection. You don’t need to take the parcel from anyone, it can just be scanned with your phone and it will confirm that it has been collected. This will make sure nobody is put at risk of catching COVID-19. This is so important for businesses, because it means you carry on working without putting your employees in any danger.

Can you view what parcels have been collected and are still outstanding?

You can see which parcels have been handled in the ‘history’ tab. Use the filters to find the details of undelivered parcels, or which parcels have been delivered to which resident / recipient. You can also see who was handling the parcels, who collected them and look at parcel images so see the signatures that were made upon collection. This ensures that you have end to end internal parcel tracking.

Can one person receive parcel notifications for multiple people/businesses?

Our mailroom management app is able to be configured so that just one person receives all the notifications for several people. This is useful when app notifications need to be sent to one point of contact i.e. an assistant or departmental head rather than the parcel owner.

Can Parcel Tracker email notifications be customised?

You can customise your email notifications to have your branding, messaging or logo. This ensures brand continuity and gives a professional feel.

Can letters and mail be logged with Parcel Tracker?

The app will also log letter mail, so you don’t need to download a separate app. 

We only get a few parcels a month can Parcel Tracker help us?

If you need to track only a handful of parcels, there is no need for a paid subscription - you can use the app for free. You can send up to 200 packages every month and you won’t be charged at all. This can mean that the app is free forever if you stay within this number.

Our staff doesn’t like tech, how hard is Parcel Tracker to use?

The app was designed to make sure anyone can use it. You don’t need to be tech savvy in order to get the most out of it. Whether you’re over 60 or your reception area is staffed by people in their 20s - both age groups have successfully used the app with minimal to zero training.

What type of analytics and reporting does Parcel Tracker have?

The app has a number of analytics features you will find useful.

-See when your peak parcel delivery and or collection times are, not just for a single day but also through the week. 
-View the number of parcels that you handled, over a set time. This can give you information about how many people are buying online and what that means for the mailroom.
-The amount of time you hold onto a parcel is also logged. This helps you to see where the hold ups could be emanating from and thus, solve any issues with productivity and parcel flow. 
-You can also log the parcels that go in and out. This helps you track the time that it takes to handle a parcel and push it out for delivery.

Can I test Parcel Tracker for free?

Try our mailroom management software for 1 month free. After which, you can use the app for free if you only have 200 parcels or less.