Parcel Tracker was built with all company sizes in mind. From the SMBs to the large enterprise or asset owners, the features are there to support your organisation's requirements.

Parcel Tracker comes with advanced permission settings, access control, must haves such as Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication. We support a range of protocols such as LDAP and SAML, and can directly pug and play with your staff management directories such as Azure Active Directories (AD).

We've built Parcel Tracker from the start with security in mind. All the data is encrypted and stored within you pre-set geographies to comply with internal data storage rules. You can also configure custom data surfacing policies for Parcel Tracker users.

Single Sign-On

Integrate Parcel Tracker into your organisation's single sign-on authentication, regardless of the protocol (SAML, LDAP) or providers (Active Directory, Okta, Auth0).

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhance login and data security with Parcel Tracker's inbuilt multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Custom Workflows

Create custom workflows to automate manual tasks. You can configure custom notifications to fire when certain actions are performed, change the properties of the parcels you scanned and much more.

Try Parcel Tracker For Free

After your 14-day trial of the Professional Plan, enjoy the free version of Parcel Tracker – you’ll be able to manage 100 parcels, forever!

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