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“Our residents love it! As soon as their parcels arrive, we scan them, and in an instant, a text and email notification is sent to the residents.  The residents collect the parcels even before the team have had a chance to put them away. Our staff love it also, it saves them time and makes everything easier!"

-Steve Stroud,  Code Student Accomodation



Just point the camera at the parcel label and Parcel Tracker will automatically detect the correct tenant using our proprietary technology


Once you have scanned all the parcels, all the information is displayed on a summary screen from where you can notify all the residents at once

Residents can sign for parcels directly on the Parcel Tracker application to secure the process



Save Time,

Save Money

Staff will spend 70% less time dealing with packages.


Customer Experience

Industry research shows Parcel Tracking is the favourite service provided to residents.


Lose A Parcel

Accurately log all packages, uniquely tag them and create accountability. 

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10,000+ Units

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50,000+ Parcels


10,000+ Hours

Hours Saved For Clients


Lisa Kennedy, Prime Student 

“To be honest I can’t imagine going back to our old system of manually logging post.” 

Steve Stroud, Code Student

“Our residents love it! As soon as their parcels arrive, we scan them, and in an instant, a text and email notification is sent to the residents.  The residents collect the parcels even before the team have had a chance to put them away. Our staff love it also, it saves them time and makes everything easier!"

Bethany Brownhill, Student FM

“It's amazing and makes everything 10x faster and smoother" 

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Do I have to manually enter parcel data or type anything?

Internal Parcel Tracker requires zero manual data entry; all you do is point the phone’s camera at the parcel label and scan the name of the parcel recipient. Our AI technology automatically reads the typed text on the label and detects the tenants name and sends them an email or text notification. This is how we automate your internal parcel tracking process.


We are able in one scan to detect the courier and the parcel barcode to make sure that each parcel is uniquely identified.

What happens if a parcel does not have a barcode?

If a parcel doesn’t have a barcode, we suggest you use a sharpie pen and give it a unique number and record that number manually into the Parcel Tracker application. You can also use sticky labels with barcodes.

It’s essential to have a way to identify each parcel uniquely for internal parcel tracking.

What happens if parcels are incorrectly labelled or missing recipient information?

For internal parcel tracking our application can detect tenants from package labels even if they do not write their name and address completely.


If the Parcel Tracker App doesn’t automatically detect the tenants from the label scan, then you can search for them manually using our in-app database.

What happens if tenants use nicknames on parcels

You can add nicknames to residents, and this is very useful when foreigners adopt local names. Parcel Tracker can also automatically detect nicknames on the level of Johnny -> John

Do I require any special hardware to use Parcel Tracker?

Internal Parcel Tracker requires no specialised hardware such as e-signature pads, PDA scanner or barcode scanners for your internal parcel tracking. Parcel Tracker is an app-based, software-only solution that works with Android, iOS and web platforms.

What devices can I use Parcel Tracker with?

Below are listed the specification for your internal parcel tracker software.

Minimum Parcel Tracker Android Specifications:

  • Android 5.0 or later

  • 2 GB of RAM

  • 1.5 GHz processor


Suggested Parcel Tracker Android Specifications:

  • Android 7.0 or later

  • 4 GBP of RAM

  • 2.2 GHz processor


Minimum Parcel Tracker iOS specification:

  • iPhone 6 or later

  • iOS 12 or later


Suggest Parcel Tracker iOS Specification

  • iPhone 8 or later

  • iPad 2019 or later

Why is Parcel Tracker the best internal parcel tracking software?

Parcel Tracker is the most reliable and easy to use Parcel Management software on the market. It removes the need to log anything manually, and all building’s parcel management is automated. What took you hours will now only take you seconds.

  • No manual data entry required

  • Easy to use

  • Reduces parcel management time by over 70%

  • Collect proof of pickup and never lose a Parcel

Does Parcel Tracker send reminders to collect parcels?

Parcel Tracker will send a reminder to tenants if they do not collect parcels that require collecting. This ensures that all parcels are collected, and that the mailroom/storage room is not cluttered with packages.

How does Parcel Tracker collect proof of pickup?

Internal Parcel Tracker has 2 methods for collecting proof of pickup for internal parcel tracking purposes. First and foremost, all tenants receive a QR code in their email notification. If this QR code is used to pick up the parcel, then it serves as proof of collection.


If collections are processed manually; then the tenant has to sign out the parcel by leaving an e-signature on your device. You can then view in the history how the parcel was collected, and if a signature was used.

How does contactless proof of pickup work?

For social distancing, we have introduced the QR collection feature that allows tenants to collect parcels securely without having to e-sign for them by touching the phone. This reduces the chances of Corona Virus transmission as multiple people do not touch a single device.


You can, therefore, resume your internal parcel tracking while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Can you view what parcels have been collected and are still outstanding?

All the parcels in and out of the building can be viewed from our “History” tab. You can use different filters to see which parcels are still pending collection by residents. You can view the parcels by when they were logged, who logged then and when they were collected. We also save a photo of the parcel and signature used to collect it.


This works together to ensure you have end to end internal parcel tracking.

Can one person receive parcel notifications for multiple people/businesses?

Internal Parcel Tracker can be set up so that the one person receives notifications for multiple people. This is particularly useful for when received parcel emails should be sent to an assistant or department point of contact instead of the parcel owner.

Can Parcel Tracker email notifications be customised?

Email notifications can be customised with your brand logo and messaging. This ensures that all your internal package tracking is done in your brand image!

Can letters and mail be logged with Parcel Tracker?

Internal Parcel Tracker can log both parcels and letter mail for your internal parcel tracking needs.

We only get a few parcels a month can Parcel Tracker help us?

If your internal package tracking requirements are not very intense then Parcel Tracker can be used for free. Just make sure you receive under 200 packages a month, and the system will be free forever. You don’t even require a credit card to set up the free account.

Our staff isn’t doesn’t like tech, how hard is Parcel Tracker to use?

Internal Parcel Tracker was built to help you with your internal parcel tracking needs regardless of your tech abilities. We have mailroom staff aged 60+ and reception staff in their 20s using Parcel Tracker. The application is super easy to use and requires no training to set up.

What type of analytics and reporting does Parcel Tracker have?

Internal Parcel Tracker offers a wide range of analytics.

  • Parcel delivery and collection peak times throughout the day and week. This way you can see when your reception staff will be busy dealing with packages.

  • Number of parcels received in a given time period. This gives you insights into how much people are buying online and the effect it has on your mailroom

  • Parcels hold time. The parcel hold time gives you insights into how long a parcel is held at the mailroom or reception before it is handed over to the tenant. This can help you plan how much storage room you will need in the future.

  • Time logging in and logging out parcels. These statistics allow you to see how much time your staff spends handling deliveries.

We also can create custom statistics for you, just let us know.

Can I test Parcel Tracker for free?

Internal Parcel Tracker comes with a 1-month unlimited trial. You will have access to all the premium features and unlimited parcels to scan. Once the trial expires, you will have 200 parcel deliveries a month for free


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