Multi-hop Parcel Tracker is for those that require parcels and mails to move through multiple locations within or between buildings before they reach the end-recipient.

With the multi-hop (aka multi mailroom) feature, you can log and track as parcels enter a location, move between handling areas until they reach the end-recipient or leave to another site. Parcel Tracker also will record extensive data on who has handling the parcels, at what location and at what time.

You can setup automated notifications to stakeholders as deliveries  reach certain milestones, such as locations and handling processes.

Staff members can also request parcels and mail to be dispatched internally or externally via the staff facing platform. Parcel Tracker multi-hop will give you the platform to record, review and dispatch these delivery requests in one place.

Log and Track Internal Multi-Hop Deliveries

Log and route packages internally with end-to-end traceability. You can configure as many routing hops and set up as many internal locations as you need.

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Log and Track Multi-Site Deliveries

Log and trace parcels/mail as it is moved between company sites with end-to-end traceability. Log the staff moving it, receiving it, record timestamps, photos and more.

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Staff Can Request Internal Deliveries

Staff can request via the Parcel Tracker Platform to have internal or external mail/parcel deliveries to be made. Mailroom managers can view the requests in one place and coordinate messenger dispatches to fulfil the requests.

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Manage and Track Internal Couriers

View, dispatch and track internal couriers as they deliver mail and parcels between company sites. You can see at any given time where the messenger couriers are, what they are delivering as well as record all the handoffs made to end recipients.

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Manage and Track External Courier Deliveries

View all external courier delivery requests and track the progress of the deliveries in one portal. We have 900+ carrier integrations on Parcel Tracker that allow you to track deliveries end-to-end.

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Create Custom Labels for Internal Mail/Parcel Deliveries

Auto-generate and print custom labels when staff request internal deliveries made. Use these labels to make sure items are deliveries to the correct locations and end recipients.

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