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"Fantastically swift customer services team and who are super reactive to our requests!"

Emma F.

Property Manager









Favourite Features

Parcel Scanning


Receptions were running out of storage space as the amount of online shopping grew

Digitise a manual and paper-based parcel management process

Free up time for the team to focus on value added work and creating a better experience for students

Stop parcels from getting lost or misplaced in the mailroom or reception

Speeding up parcel collection times


Improved communication sped up collection times and decluttered the reception

Parcel management is conducted through a mobile app: snap a parcel photo and create a digital record of the delivery, pickup and more

Camera based scanning cuts down on manually logging parcels and freed the team's time

Adds accountability and prevents parcel loss by automatically collecting records regarding parcel handoffs and handling.

Automated notifications and reminders speed up parcel collection by factor of 3X

Torsion Students is a high quality and dynamic student accommodation provider across some of the finest student cities across the UK. Their goal is to be much more than accommodation, they strive to be a community, a hub and a place full of fun.

As a property manager at Torsion Students, Emma has many responsibilities. These start with ensuring that the building is running well, maintenance requests are addressed and students are safe. Her day-to-day duties however go far beyond this. Emma is tasked with making sure the students have an unforgettable experience and enjoy every moment  of their stay at Torsion, and a big part of this is ensuring their deliveries and parcels are managed efficiently.

Before Parcel Tracker

Before the implementation of Parcel Tracker, Emma and her team had to manually log each parcel onto a paper ledger. The process was manual, time consuming and inconsistent. It went something along the lines of:

1. Parcel would arrive at the reception and be logged into a paper ledger

2. The front of house staff would then notify the student of its arrival via email

3. The student would come to collect the parcel and present an ID

4. Once the student received the parcel they would sign the paper ledges.

As Torsion students would receive very large amounts of deliveries daily, it often got confusing to find the parcels and where the record on the ledger was. Additionally, as the process was very manual, items would occasionally be misreported, or misplaced despite the staffs and students best efforts.

This process was extremely time consuming and the Torsion team had to work extra hard to ensure that parcel management was working well, along with all the rest of the value-added services they offer.

Unlocking time with Parcel Tracker

Parcel Tracker took around 1 hour to setup. A student list (via an excel file) was uploaded via the web platform which only it took a few minutes and then 30 minutes to train up staff remotely via Zoom allowing plenty of time for Q&A.

By scanning parcel labels, all the previous manual data entry was removed, staff saved time, automated notification sending and all the records were kept more consistently. This digitalisation also allowed parcel to become searchable, so misplaced parcels could be found super quickly.

Speeding up parcel logging and notification times (time between receiving parcels and notifying students) has helped expedite the parcel collections form the receptions. Combined with automated reminders, the reception is no longer cluttered.

Providing the best experience

The saved time allowed Emma and her team to focus on providing a better student experience. The staff were now able to cut down the time they spent managing parcels by a few hours each day and refocusing that energy to organise student events, respond rapidly to maintenance requests and more value added activities.

Some More Success Stories

Lancaster University uses Parcel Tracker to completely digitize parcel management, automate reminders, and reduce waste.


With the introduction of Parcel Tracker, the previously manual and paper-based process was automated and digitised.


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