Empower your recipients to manage collect their parcels and mail without burdening your team.

The Parcel Tracker Kiosk app allows you to setup a iOS or Android tablet in the parcel collection area and empower your recipients to collect their own deliveries, be it residents in a residential buildings or employees at an office. Once a recipient is notified of their delivery, they can come collect their package by simply searching their name on the iPad. If they have an outstanding parcel, they will be able to sign it out from the system.

The Kiosk app keeps parcels flowing out of the reception or mailroom in an organised and tracked manner while leaving your parcel management teams the time to handle more important tasks.

With the Kiosk app you'll be able to track how long parcels are held before collection and run the usual Parcel Tracker Mailroom analytics.

Staffless Parcel Rooms

Removing your staff from the parcel handover process can save them over 50% of time handling deliveries, and allow them to focus on more value-added work.

Self-Service Secure Pickup

The Parcel Tracker Kiosk app allows staff and tenants to self-serve and securely collect their own packages. By searching their name on the iOS or Android tablet they can view their outstanding deliveries and mark them as collected by signing for them.

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After your 14-day trial of the Professional Plan, enjoy the free version of Parcel Tracker – you’ll be able to manage 100 parcels, forever!

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