"Parcel tracker has been a complete game changer for us, we love it."

Juliet W.

Building Manager

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Favourite Features

Parcel Scanning


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Digitise a manual and paper-based parcel management process

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Save time calling each recipient individually to collect their deliveries

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Receptions were running out of storage space as the amount of online shopping grew

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Speeding up parcel collection times

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Stop parcels from getting lost or misplaced in the mailroom or reception

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Free up time for the team to focus on value added work and creating a better experience for residents


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Parcel management is conducted through a mobile app: snap a parcel photo and create a digital record of the delivery, pickup and more

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Camera based scanning cuts down on manually logging parcels and freed the team's time

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Automated email/SMS notifications and reminders when parcels are ready for collection

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Improved communication sped up collection times and decluttered the reception

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Automated notifications and reminders speed up parcel collection by factor of 3X

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Adds accountability and prevents parcel loss by automatically collecting records regarding parcel handoffs and handling.

The Avantra apartment building, managed by Pacific BMG, sits in the heart of New South Wales, Australia. It offers its 1000+ residents an unrivalled living experience and amenities. This is attributable to Juliet’s hard work as a building manager.

Juliet is the go-to person regarding everything that makes the building run well, keeps residents happy and of course… parcel management. Juliet and her front of house team had the uphill battle of taming the 1000s of parcels they received a month, a task that took her team an average of 10 hours a day due to the paper based and manual process they used to employ.

“Parcel Tracker reduced the work load from 10 hours to an estimated 2 hours a day.” – Juliet W

Before Parcel Tracker

Before the team at Avantra deployed Parcel Tracker they used a very manual and paper based process: one that took up hours of their day.

  1. A parcel would be delivered to the reception and logged onto a paper ledger
  2. The resident would be notified via email their parcels had arrived (these would be manually sent out, on by one)
  3. The resident would come down to collect their package. The Avantra team would search through the paper ledger to find its reference and then hand the resident their delivery
  4. The resident would sign for each parcel individually on the paper ledger.

The process highlighted above was extremely time consuming and at times, inaccurate. It would also be difficult for Juliet and her concierge team to ascertain how many outstanding packages a resident had. For example: the resident might have received a batch of parcels in the morning and another in the afternoon. However, in the interim, another 100 parcels might have arrived for other residents. This would make it difficult to track down all the deliveries for a single resident on the paper leger as they might have been pages apart.

It was an overall slow and inefficient process that consumed a lot of the concierge’s time.

Setting up Parcel Tracker

Setting up Parcel Tracker at Avantra was straight forward, quick and all done remotely from the other side of the world.

Once Juliet had exported a list of the residents into an excel document, she was able, with the help of the Parcel Tracker team to upload the data into the Parcel Tracker web platform. The set up the team also helped Juliet customise all the resident communications with the Avantra logo and messaging to keep all customer communications consistent.

To finish off the set-up process, a quick 1 hour training session was conducted for all the concierge staff after which they were easily able to start logging parcels.  

Improving resident satisfaction with Parcel Tracker.

Digitising the parcel management process saved the front of house staff a significant amount of time. The automated extraction of tenant data from the parcel label with a snap of the camera  drastically cut down on parcel management time by around 80%, from 10 to 2 hours.

With this newfound time, the concierge staff is able to take their services to the next level, and spend more time interacting with residents.

Additionally, faster notifications to residents meant they were able to collect their parcels much faster, almost instantly from the moment it was received at the reception.

The digitalisation process also improved the consistency of the data that’s collected. This meant parcels are much easier to track down if they were ever misplaced.

“It minimized massively the ability to lose track of where parcels are and what has been collected. It is a, far more secure system.” – Juliet W

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