Greenwich Creekside

"Parcel Tracker has been really efficient and it has cut down the time required to log deliveries and notify clients."

Collins Y.

Building Manager

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UK, London

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Favourite Features

Parcel Scanning


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Stop parcels from getting lost or misplaced in the mailroom or reception

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Decluttering the mailroom or reception

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Save time calling each recipient individually to collect their deliveries

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Free up time for the team to focus on value added work and creating a better experience for students


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Adds accountability and prevents parcel loss by automatically collecting records regarding parcel handoffs and handling.

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Automated email/SMS notifications and reminders when parcels are ready for collection

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Improved communication sped up collection times and decluttered the reception

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Camera based scanning cuts down on manually logging parcels and freed the team's time

Collins is the building manager at the luxury residential estate Greenwich Creekside, in London. His duties consist of more than making sure that the building runs well, his duties are to ensure that the residents have the best living experience possible. This means that Collins deals with anything from maintenance requests, to ensuring parcels are dealt with correctly.

Before Parcel Tracker

Before implementing Parcel Tracker the concierge staff at the reception had to manually log parcels and notify residents of their arrival. The process works as follows:

  1. A parcel would arrive at the reception
  2. The front of house staff would log the parcel into a paper ledger
  3. The staff would then text the resident notifying them of the delivery
  4. When the resident collected the parcel they would sign on the paper ledger.
  5. At the end of the day the data from the paper ledger would be copied into excel for safe keeping.

The Creekside staff focused on offering the best quality of service for their residents, however without the correct tools, this was taking them far too much time and effort, and other services were at risk of suffering.

One scan that fixed it all

Once Parcel Tracker was setup at the buildings, one scan would replace the requirement to manually enter data into a paper ledger and copying it into excel at the end of the day. This freed up a considerable amount of time for Collins and the team to tend to resident requests and make sure the building was operating at 110%.

Automating parcel notifications and reminders meant that Collins no longer needed to call or text residents. The reminders also made sure that items did not clutter the reception and it would remain presentable.

An added advantage of having such a quick and simple system is that staff will immediately log deliveries when they arrive on site. This created a more complete record of parcels and ensures that items aren’t lost. If however they are misplaced, every delivery is time stamped and Collins can check on CTV to see how the parcel was stored or handed of to staff.

How Parcel Tracker was set up

Parcel Tracker was very quick to setup at Creekside, Collins just uploaded a list of the resident's names and emails onto the system from the computer. The Parcel Tracker team made sure that everything was uploaded correctly and provided some training. All in all this process took about 1 hour, and Collins was able to start scanning parcels from his Android phone (Parcel Tracker works on iOS too).

Some More Success Stories

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