Never Lose a Delivery and Track its Chain of Custody

Accurately log all deliveries, uniquely tag them, track them and create accountability. You'll be able to see who handled each item and it's history.

Save Time Managing Parcels

Staff will spend 70% less time dealing with packages, expanding your mailrooms/stores capacity and ability to process deliveries

Enable Social Distancing

Reduce physical contact via remote notifications and contactless proof-of-collection

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Key Features

Use your phone or tablet to take a scan of each parcel and automatically log the delivery. No new hardware is needed.

Easy recording process

Happy Recipients


Parcels logged


Hours saved for users

What Clients Say

Companies of every industry, type, and location rely on Parcel Tracker to ensure the best service for their tenants and customers!

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“We have saved on labour costs switching from a manual entry and notification sy

Justin B.

Operations Administrator

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