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How to prevent package theft using technology

Monday, September 21, 2020

Package theft can be a serious issue for modern businesses. With so many companies choosing to rely on outdated paper-based systems for their internal package tracking, people often don’t realise that their package has been stolen until they ask where it might be. While your insurance may be able to back you up for losses like this, it’s always best to avoid the theft in the first place. Thankfully, technology is here to help you out. We’ve listed 5 ways parcel management technology can reduce the likelihood of package theft or loss.

1. Packages can be scanned as soon as they arrive

You don’t have to worry about your packages when they are being handled by delivery companies and couriers. At this stage in their journey, your packages will be covered by insurance, and it will be the responsibility of the company delivering them to make sure that they arrive safely and on time.

Once the packages arrive at your business and have been accepted by your team, though, it will be down to you to look after them. Dealing with paperwork and manual processes for your packages can make it very easy for them to slip through the net. If they haven’t been processed properly when they first arrive, it could be impossible to find or track them down the line, making it very difficult to notice them getting stolen.

By enabling your front-of-house team to simply scan your packages to record them, they will be able to spend far more time focusing on their real work. This makes it less likely that problems will arise, while also making it much harder for people to get away with package theft.

2. Improve tracking & Location look up

Paper-based systems can be an effective way to track a parcel through a business, but you will need people to handle each stage of its journey properly if the record is going to be complete. This can make it very easy to lose packages within your business, especially when you have a lot of people working for you.

Digital package tracking systems enable you to track the last known location of the packages within your business, providing you with everything you need to keep them under your control. If a package does go missing, you will know exactly where it was last seen, making the process of tracking down the perpetrator much easier. Once a parcel has been delivered, you will have a full record of where it’s been and who has signed for it.

3. Reduce Package Stockpiling

While package stockpiling won’t reduce theft, it’ll reduce the likelihood of a package going missing. Your employees will quickly get overwhelmed with all of the packages they’re having to look after (especially during the festive seasons), and the paperwork that comes with this can easily get very confusing and time consuming. This often leads to delays in the internal parcel delivery process and chaos ensues.

A digital parcel tracking system can help to solve this problem by providing you with the means to let your employees know when they have packages to pick up. They will get a notification on their phone telling them where to go, making it much easier for team members to manage their deliveries. With your parcel stockpile going down, theft will become easier to spot and prevent, making it much easier to manage this side of your business.

4. Overcome Increasing Deliveries

It’s estimated that online shopping is going to be worth around £3.5 trillion by 2021. This shows that this sort of market is growing, with more and more people spending their money on online stores. Businesses are having to deal with a lot of parcel logistics problems as a result of this change, with their employees having personal items delivered to work to make sure that they don’t miss them.

Some companies will bring in policies that prevent their teams from taking this sort of action, though this can make their lives very difficult. A tool like Parcel Tracker will offer a different approach to this. With your packages digitally managed, it will be much easier to cope with the flow coming through your business, and you won’t have to worry about the burden this puts on your mailroom team.


Preventing theft is one thing, but stopping it altogether is a tall order despite the systems you have in place. For example, if you’re handling packages in a flat or apartment building you may find that residents have had packages taken by other residents. Technology can give you the power to turn this around, making it much easier to find a positive resolution from an issue like this.

Having a record of where parcels have been within your business will give you the chance to look over CCTV and the other tools you have to see if you can figure out when a package went missing. This can greatly improve your chances of getting the item back, especially if you’re able to catch the thief while they’re still on your premises.

Alongside this, having a record of where your parcel has been provides the evidence required should you need to apprehend a suspect. If a package goes missing and a team member complains about it, you will be able to show them that you’ve done everything in your power to keep it safe. This may also make it easier for you to make insurance claims to cover the costs of anything that goes missing and could give you vital evidence if you ever find yourself in court.

Parcel Tracker is a powerful mailroom management tool, helping to digitise the mailroom, reduce overheads and ultimately increase profits for your organisation. The lives of your team will get much easier, and you will be able to put more time into the work that really matters. You don’t have to take our word for it, though; simply book a demo and our friendly team will be more than happy to show you how to get the most out of our tools.


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