Why implement a digital mailroom? The benefits

A corporate mailroom can often be an extremely busy place. While your team will work hard to keep the flow of parcels and letters under control, it can be very difficult to make sure that the systems you have in place for this part of your business are running smoothly. A digital mailroom could be the ideal solution to this sort of problem, freeing up your resources to enable you to focus on the side of your business that makes you money. But why exactly should you be implementing a digital mailroom? Let’s check out the benefits to find out.

What is a digital mailroom?

A digital mailroom is exactly as its name suggests; a mailroom system that is handled in the digital world, rather than the physical one. Parcels will be scanned when they first arrive or are ready to be sent out of your business, and their journey will be tracked across your premises so that you always know where they are. Those receiving parcels will get notifications to let them know when they’re ready to be picked up, and those sending will be able to rest assured that their important mail has left the business at the right time.

Benefit #1 - Greater efficiency

Having manual and paper-based processes in place for handling your mail can be a tremendous burden on your business. Not only will you have to use valuable resources to get the message to your employees that their parcels have arrived or been sent, but you will also have to manage all of the paperwork that comes with this.

Using a digital mailroom can make your sending and receiving far more efficient. You will be able to successfully meet tight timeframes, will have immediate access to the locations of mail within your business, won’t have to waste time with photocopying or scanning, and will benefit from notifications being sent to your team members as their mail makes its journey. Improving your internal efficiency will look very good to customers while enabling your team members to focus on work that makes you money. You’ll also minimise any mistakes and be able to handle that Christmas parcel surge more effectively.

Benefit #2 - Improved customer service

Making your mailroom more efficient will give you the chance to improve your customer service. To start, the mail you send out will get to your customers or internal staff faster, and the mail you receive can be responded to with more haste. Alongside this, though, you will be able to offer a range of other benefits to your customers, including dispatch and delivery notifications. This can also significantly reduce admin time when customers or internal staff enquiry after the status of their parcel.

This is an incredible benefit to be able to take advantage of when you’re already getting so much from your digital mailroom. Making your customers happier will give you the chance to make more money, all while you reduce overheads on the digital mailroom you’ve just set up. Providing improved internal parcel tracking will make your business look incredibly well-managed, giving you an edge against competitors that are still using out-dated systems for their mail.

Benefit #3 - Reduced operational overheads

When you pay someone to do a job for you, having the job take longer than it has to is a surefire way to increase costs. Digital mailrooms can enable you to significantly cut down on the manpower needed to handle this job. By replacing jobs that can be handled digitally with an intelligent system, you’ll free up staff to focus on more important tasks.

Alongside this, you will also save resources when it comes to the paper and electricity you use. With printer ink and toner being some of the most expensive office supplies you have to buy, cutting this out can have a serious impact on your overheads in just a few short months. 46% of companies will make their money back from setting up their digital mailroom within 12 months or less.

Making your business operations cheaper will have a direct effect on your profits. Not only will this change the money you have to spend, though, but it will also help you to avoid the risk of getting into trouble with the way that you handle your mail. Compliance can be a big issue in the world of modern business.

Benefit #4 - Better policy compliance

Human error is a big issue when a company is working hard to keep themselves compliant. Having humans control the flow of mail through your business can open you up to a lot of risks, even if this is simply not having the mail recorded properly. A digital mailroom takes away this concern, providing you with a system that will enable you to avoid human error altogether.

Data protection audits are becoming increasingly common. Without the paper trail to back up that you’ve been handling data correctly, it can be hard to get through an audit like this without getting into trouble. Your digital mailroom solves this problem, providing you with a clear record of how mail was handled within the business. This can help you to meet and manage the strict standards of GDPR without having to rely on your team members to remember it all.

Many different types of businesses benefit from digital mailroom services. Whether you’re sending stacks of mail each day or have a lot of inbound letters and parcels to manage, it’s well worth having a system that can provide you with an efficient way to do it.

Here at Parcel Tracker, we can provide you with the mailroom automation tools you need to get started with a digital mailroom. You can find all of the information you’ll need on our website, but our friendly team is always on hand to help if you have any questions. Having worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, we know how to scale our systems to give your business the best service we can.

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