Since 2006, they have been Romania's premier courier service, and they wish to continue to be a dependable partner for those who choose their services, with the same passion and attention for each delivery. The FAN Courier cars travel 103.348 kilometers per night, covering 137 routes around the country. Because they have the most dedicated couriers, a beautiful team that is always ready to welcome new members, they reduce the distances between people and the pace never slows. They stay up with current technological developments, investing continuously in both new services that offer value to consumers and the development and improvement of people who represent them, couriers who ensure that all deliveries arrive in the best possible shape. Recent IT investments, as well as larger, more contemporary local offices, training, and fleet renewal have helped to streamline the sorting, transit, and forwarding process, putting FAN Courier among the most modern domestic enterprises. They offer 100 percent countrywide coverage, 140 branches around the country, and a fleet of over 4288 vehicles that are always ready to reach any point in Romania in a short amount of time. Year after year, the number of cities included without adding additional kilometers grows, with their shipping services available both nationally and internationally thanks to solid partnerships.They participate in their communities because they understand that a successful business requires dedicated employees and long-term partnerships. They promote excellence and gifted children, as well as winners who overcome the most difficult challenges. They take inspiration from the stories of individuals who are always striving for achievement, and this encourages them to keep going. Over 250.000 gifts are carefully packaged every day and given over to couriers to be delivered to partners, friends, and loved ones. They travel across the world together, delivering messages that are separated by miles with each delivery. The courier service is available across Romania, and the number of locations supplied without additional distance fees grows every year, reaching 5.400 at the time of writing. Due to poor or restricted access, the door-to-door delivery service is not possible in various sections of the country. Deliveries can be placed and taken to the nearest FAN Courier service in these areas, or a fee for extra kilometers can be paid and the courier will arrive at the correct address.

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