AMBER EXPRESS is well-known for providing on-time delivery services, which has drawn a large number of new clients while also delighting old ones. Aside from that, the senior management team is dedicated to developing innovative ways to improve services and train employees to better serve customers' different needs and wants more cost-effectively. AMBER EXPRESS is dedicated to adopting a cost-effective and convenient method of dispatching all business letters and parcels both locally and abroad.Every client's aim and requirement are met with utmost satisfaction, and operations are regularly examined and modified to meet evolving customer and environmental needs. ONE-STOP SHIPMENT SOLUTIONS is their main goal: to please every customer and provide them with more than they expected with great satisfaction.Amber Express specializes in sea and air freight, and the firm is quickly establishing itself as a leader in the freight forwarding market. Amber Express has a growing team of devoted and experienced employees that are ready to take on a variety of tasks. Despite its youth, the Amber Express has a diverse set of regional and global business partners, with specialists dedicated to meeting clients' needs and investing their time, energy, and experience in providing personalized and distinctive services.AMBER EXPRESS (AE), AIR FREIGHT, has offered great service to meet the needs of the existing Malaysian traffic. AE provides competitive freight rates and manages shipments efficiently and effectively.SEA FREIGHT - AMBEREXPRESS has amassed a wealth of experience and know-how in the transportation and handling of cargoes. Its expertise in this industry stems from a mission to give refined services to all of its clients. Inbound and outbound cargo consolidation services are provided weekly between east and west Malaysia ports.DOMESTIC EXPRESS COURIER - AMBER is well recognized as a local transportation company that transports and delivers documents, parcels, and cargo shipments at a very affordable rate. Customers are highly impressed with AMBER COURIER's express door-to-door services. AMBER COURIER offers a comprehensive range of services as well as a network that can meet all of its customers' explicit demands throughout Malaysia. All goods and shipments are guaranteed to be delivered accurately and on time to the consignee throughout the network. Same-Day Domestic Delivery - AMBER ensures that client invoices, bill payments, legal papers, and shipments are delivered the same day they are picked up. Domestic Next-Day - For other town regions, shipments are picked up and delivered the next business day. The client's shipment will arrive the next day thanks to the overnight service. Clients save time by using a pre-scheduled delivery service. Inter Branch Solutions - Amber organizes and delivers mail between client branches regularly, ensuring that client requirements are met. Return Service - Amber additionally serves as a runner for the shipper, collecting returned rejected goods for the consignee. When a supplier sends in incorrect parts or components that are rejected by the consignees, this service is particularly popular among spare parts customers.

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