Allied Express is Australia's largest, privately-owned courier and express freight firm, with offices in all of the country's major cities. Their fleet of over 1000 vehicles provides a full range of rapid, efficient express freight transportation services across the country, ranging from inner-city bicycles to long-haul trucks. In reality, there isn't a place in the United States where they can't deliver or pick up as long as there's a road to it. But, like many successful express freight firms, it's what they do outside of the courier service that distinguishes and defines them.You need a courier transport partner who can keep up with your industry and respond to its changing needs, in addition to the obvious capacity to deliver freight from one location to another. One that reflects your service philosophy, delivery schedule, and commitment to your clientele. In practical terms, a courier service that shares your viewpoint. Allied is an example of such a partner. Regardless of whether Allied's courier or express freight services you use, their mentality stays the same: your customers become their customers, your commitment becomes their commitment, and your reputation as a consistently trustworthy provider is safe in their hands.Courier Service:Normal Courier Service - Providing door-to-door service, their Normal Courier Service delivery times vary depending on the courier driver's load, and while a four-hour pick-up-delivery cycle is aimed for whenever possible, this is essentially an inexpensive same-day courier service and is relegated behind the more urgent categories. Deliveries are tracked internally for quality assurance, but no 'customer-alert' service is provided. Standard Courier Service delivery times vary based on driver load, but whenever practicable, the quickest delivery cycle is followed. This courier service gets pushed to the back of the line in favor of more essential deliveries.VIP Courier Service - Their door-to-door delivery is tracked internally with their VIP Courier Service, but it is highlighted at a higher priority level. The control center notifies drivers of a 'Time-Out' period during which the consignment must be delivered and 'off the system.' Although their VIP Courier Service is quick, it is not strictly point-to-point. VIP Courier Service positions are watched by supervisory staff, just like Executive Courier Service employment, to ensure that the driver sticks to a strict schedule. On delivery, if the sender requests it, a call-back is made to the sender.Executive Courier Service - Allied's urgent door-to-door delivery courier service is called Executive Courier Service. A customer care supervisor keeps an eye on Executive Courier Service. For urgent document delivery within the city, a bicycle courier service is also available. The sender is notified by phone of the drop-off time with their Executive-level Courier Service.Gold Courier Service - Allied's Gold Courier Service is the company's premium door-to-door service. The first available vehicle picks up the package and delivers it to the recipient right away. Their Operations Manager personally supervises deliveries, and a phone call is made to the sender to confirm delivery.

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