BR1express is a Chinese-Brazilian logistics firm that offers professional integrated supply chain logistics services to China's cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade companies and manufacturers. The company has logistics transshipment centers in China's Shenzhen and Hong Kong, as well as in Brazil's St. Paul. With over six years of experience in the Brazilian logistics business, BR1express is made up of senior customs declaration clearing teams, transportation operations teams, and operation and distribution teams.They have extensive clearance, transit, and operation experience in a variety of customs around the world. They can also offer professional services such as Brazilian air and sea freight, express delivery, Brazil agency import and export, Brazil DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), Brazilian sea transshipment, and other services. Sorting, packaging, sticker removal, and updating, quality inspection, refunds, drop shipment, overseas customer support centers, and other overseas warehouse logistics services are all available through BR1express's 5,000 square meters professional storage warehouse in St. Paul.Services:China↔Brazil Logistics. Customs clearance services that are simple and practical - For the clearing of items through Chinese and Brazilian customs, BR1express maintains a professional technical assistance contact line. They handle all customs requirements, as well as the import and export of items, as well as any possible taxes arising from the maritime and land transportation of merchandise. To be able to achieve all of this, they simply ask their customers to supply them with information about the intended recipient of the products, after which they will proceed with the payment of the taxes and shipment of the merchandise. Express delivery - The BR1express is a corporation that has formal rights to carry goods; they work by and in collaboration with other agencies such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS, among others. They guarantee the highest level of service to their customers, as well as a wide range of delivery options based on their preferences. They can guarantee that the merchandise will pass through foreign customs in the quickest period feasible. They merely ask for the tariff serial number from their customers, and they guarantee that the products will arrive at their destinations within 5 to 7 working days. Shipping - The BR1express is a corporation with official rights to transport goods; they operate by and in collaboration with other shipping agents in charge of international container handling. They guarantee entry into any of Brazil's major ports as well as quick and painless customs clearance. They guarantee that the products will arrive at their destinations within 30 working days. Air transport - The BR1express works with the major Brazilian airlines and customs in the major Brazilian airports to deliver any item to and from China as quickly as possible. To provide their customers with the most convenient service, they have offices in mainland China and Hong Kong, both of which have a direct connection to Brazil. They guarantee that the products will arrive within 3 to 5 working days. Services related to mail and post offices - Within mainland China and Hong Kong, the BR1express does a lot of business with post offices. They can also provide this service to customers who desire to deliver their items via mail. To assure the safe storage of any item, BR1express works closely with Brazilian postal services. What are the advantages of sending items by mail? Because, in addition to being less expensive, it is also a fantastic way to cross international customs more quickly. They guarantee that their clients' purchases will arrive within 15 to 40 days.Warehousing Services. Service of storage in Brazil - The BR1express has its storage house in Sao Paulo, Brazil, that specializes in storing, choosing, shipping, confirming the quality of the merchandise, and managing all foreign customers' merchandise. In Shenzhen, China, they provide warehousing services - The BR1express has offices in Shenzhen, China, and Hong Kong, where they specialize in item logistics and shipping, as well as the management of customer information.

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