Austrian Post AG is a global postal, logistics, and service provider that is vital to the country's economy. The company is committed to providing the highest level of quality and offers a diverse product and service portfolio to meet the needs of current customers. Mail, Parcel & Logistics, and Retail & Bank are the three divisions that Austrian Post operates under. The corporation also has a global footprint, with operations in Germany, seven Central and Eastern European nations, and Turkey.Austrian Post's branch network is one of the country's major private client networks, providing consumers throughout Austria with high-quality postal, banking, and telecommunications products and services. Based on its nationwide and consistent supply of high-quality postal services on behalf of the Austrian population and economy, the company provides a vital contribution to maintaining the nation's communications and logistics infrastructure. Furthermore, companies of Austrian Post operate in twelve European markets, specializing in package and logistics as well as unaddressed direct mail.The mission of the company is to provide services and create the circumstances for success in the following areas:a) all postal, parcel, and logistics services; all postal, parcel, and logistics services; all postal financial services, particularly those provided in accordance with the Postal Savings Bank Act (Federal Law Gazette 458/1969) as modifiedb) in automated data processing and information engineering, communications and information technology;c) other commercial services, as long as the obligations specified in paragraphs a) to c) are not hampered, particularly the dealing and sales of any form of goods.This covers the development, construction, maintenance, and operation of infrastructure facilities for the purposes listed above. The firm is free to engage in any transactions or acts that it deems essential or valuable for the business purpose, including activities that are similar to or useful for the business purpose. In addition, the corporation may buy or sell property in Austria and overseas for the purpose of establishing subsidiaries.

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