They are committed to offering the best services to their clients to assist them in achieving their objectives and accelerating their growth. Lan Courier, a subsidiary of Latam Airlines, began as a local courier in 1996 and expanded its services to logistic operations, focusing on distribution, by the second quarter of 1998, with a network of offices, warehouses, vehicles, and vans across Chile. Lan Courier opens a 5,500-square-foot distribution center in 2001, with the greatest security and technology standards, to provide warehousing and inventory management services. To renew ourselves, they expanded their distribution business in 2001 by adding international couriers to their service offerings, resulting in a network that spans five continents.Lan Courier evolves into the new brand Blue Express in 2008, after more than ten years of expertise in freight transportation. Grupo Bethia acquires Blue Express in 2011. In 2014, a new 80,000 square meter facility in the Pudahuel neighborhood was inaugurated. Blue Express was purchased by a fund headed by Kinza Capital and Altis Principal Investments in March 2019.Services:Domestic Shipments - We have the country's largest delivery network. We deliver your packages door-to-door, regardless of size, to over 300 communities in Chile in a timely and secure manner. Same-day shipping is available. In major Chilean cities, next-day delivery is available within 24 hours. From Copiapó to Puerto Montt, express delivery takes 48 to 96 hours.Benefits - Unparalleled reach — we go where no one else goes. We offer clear rates. You have complete control and autonomy over your shipments. Signing up is a simple process. Customer service is second to none. There are over [900] pick-up and drop-off stations in the network.Collection on delivery (COD) - An end client might choose to pay for shipping expenses at the time of delivery if that is their preference. Indirect sales channels, this service is frequently used. The maximum cash payment is CLP150,000. Any sum over that can be paid by check.Return of documents (DD) - A free service that includes returning documents to the shipper (such as invoices signed by the recipient or other documents). To use this service, you must specify your option and the papers you want to be returned when you place your order.With Blue360, you can rest confident that their team of specialists will handle all of your logistics needs. Everything from storage through final delivery of your stuff will be handled by them. You concentrate on increasing sales! The logistics will be handled by Blue360.Benefits - Guaranteed delivery in 48 hours. Integration with major e-commerce platforms in a single click. The best-in-class order management system provides inventory control. Discounts are available for nationwide distribution. Rates that are clear and straightforward. Capacity to deal with a great volume of work.Warehousing and logistics - With Blue Express's one-stop-shop logistics solution, you save time, improve efficiency, and boost client trust.Cross-Docking - Save time by avoiding storage. Your products will be transported straight from your vendors to the end-user.Storage - They offer inventory management services that help you save money on storage.E-commerce fulfillment - They can handle all of your logistics needs. They will make certain that your packages are delivered to the correct consumer at the appropriate time.Value-added services - They offer unique value-added services like labeling, packing, and assembly for your packages.International Courier - Blue Express International Courier is the quickest way to mail your documents, envelopes, suitcases, and express parcels internationally, with door-to-door delivery to any city in the globe.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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