CAPTAIN EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL (CPEX) is based in Shenzhen and has a distribution facility in Hong Kong for international air transportation. It is a global package express service company with a basis in the South Asian market. They have separate offices in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and other countries; their network spans more than 20 countries, with four nations having their offshore warehouses and three countries having their delivery teams. They provide customers with information-based logistics services with flexible connection, full-process visibility, and automatic settlement based on the integrated OMS/WMS/TMS/BMS system, eliminating cross-border logistical blind spots.Services:International express - CAPTAIN EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL (CPEX) is a South Asian courier firm with a global network, headquartered in Hong Kong. With their skilled destination country customs clearing staff and delivery system, they can get your package to the target country in as little as 3-4 days. SF International's designated supplier in Pakistan is currently Kaipu's wholly-owned subsidiary in Pakistan. It is in charge of SF Express's international parcel collection and delivery, as well as customs clearance and tax/payment services in Pakistan. They are gradually transferring the speed of Chinese express delivery to developing countries with populations of 100 million people through SF's business structure.Overseas landing distribution - Kaipu is more focused on local distribution in the target country than on trunk line resources. They feel that the "final mile" is the most important stage in the international express delivery industry's closed-loop value. They've opened up all-important links, such as international express delivery, overseas trunk transportation, and overseas delivery, and showed the complete logistics process to users through a single window, based on the advanced TMS transportation and delivery management system. CPEX has invested over 100 individuals in its express team in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries to assure comprehensive coverage of first-tier cities; at the same time, their logistics track system can smoothly connect with local express firms, allowing their services to reach the entire country. They are here 24 hours a day to assist you with expedited shipping or COD service.Haitao Consolidation - Kaipu Haitao Consolidation Service is dedicated to allowing international clients to "purchase anywhere in China" with one click. CPEX's mobile terminal consolidation platform allows e-commerce goods to be viewable and traceable throughout the entire process, from placing orders on the platform to checking the Kapp China warehouse to international shipping, customs clearing, and delivery. Foreign buyers, as well as abroad Chinese, can enjoy Chinese e-commerce products without any restrictions or concerns.Overseas warehousing - Zhihui Qice, which provides storage system technical support for DHL and Wal-Mart, built Kaipu's own WOMS system. They have self-owned warehouses in important foreign destination nations totaling more than 10,000 square meters, all of which are adjacent to high-speed main roadways and have independent security. Whether you're a factory or a cross-border e-commerce company, storing your goods in a foreign warehouse is the most cost-effective way to cut costs and enhance productivity.International cargo charter - Their [direct] cargo charter resources are the cornerstone of their ability to deliver products swiftly. They continue to establish direct routes from China to the airports of target countries in full cooperation with the capacity departments of SF Airlines, Lanmei Airlines, and other organizations. Your items are swiftly delivered to you.

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