Over the last 25 years, Castle Parcels has solidified its position as a market leader in parcel distribution. They continually satisfy the ever-changing needs of their consumers by providing a competitively priced next-day and 2-day nationwide service. Castle Parcels, as they know it today, started as a local Auckland delivery service in the 1970s. In the 1980s, the company changed hands, rebranded as Castle Parcels in 1989, and expanded its delivery service across New Zealand.Freightways Express Limited, one of New Zealand's major express freight and courier services, now owns Castle Parcels. Castle Parcels has gained a reputation as a key niche operator in the parcel distribution market as a result of its broad background. Castle Parcels has been owned by Freightways Express Limited since the mid-1980s and now operates from branches in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, with dedicated support staff and contractors. They work with clients in a variety of industries who want efficient and effective distribution for their business-to-business operations. In the wholesale and retail marketplaces, many of their customers are household brands.Services:Track and trace - To check the progress of your package's delivery, first identify whether you have a Prepaid Ticket or Satchel, a Charge label, or a Customer label, then fill out the necessary forms and click the track button.Book a Courier - Once your box is ready for pickup, fill out the form below and click the 'Book Your Courier' button to have your Castle Parcels Driver pick it up.Order Product - Please enter your user information and click the 'Display Product List' button to order a product. If you don't already have a Castle Parcels account, you can create one online or contact them for further information.Organize a Redelivery - Did you miss a courier delivery and received a card? This indicates that their courier was unable to deliver your goods at the specified address at the time of delivery. You have three choices for how you want to get your item. The first option is to pick up your item from a Castle Parcels location near you. The second option is redirection, which allows you to have the item delivered to a different address (such as your workplace) for an extra cost. The third option is redelivery, which involves having the item redelivered to the same address for an extra cost.Address checker - To check these details for any address, simply type it into the field below. Press enter after selecting from the list that appears as you type. If you can't find the address you're looking for, please contact your local branch.Check to Pick Up Address Details - Enter your phone number and PIN, then click 'Confirm Address.' The specifics of the pick-up address associated with your PIN will be displayed. Please contact customer services at customer.services@castleparcels.co.nz to amend these details.Lost PIN - If you've misplaced or forgotten your Automated Booking Number, simply contact your nearest branch. They'll either send you an email right away to verify your identity or call you directly. You will receive your PIN shortly.Track and trace integration - Method one is to embed their Track and Trace page on your website so that your customers can add their consignment tracking information. The second method is to save consignment information in your customer service database and create a link that automatically redirects to their Track & Trace function, which returns a prepared page.

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