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Correos Chile is an autonomous state enterprise founded on December 24, 1981 by DFL No. 10. It is now the national market leader in mail and package delivery. Each year, Handled processes over 300 million cards and 4 million parcels. CorreosChile is a Chilean corporation that operates over the entire country. The company has successfully entered the worldwide arena, globalizing processes and quality standards, allowing ships to travel securely and quickly around the world. CorreosChile provides all Chilean businesses with a modern, efficient, and professional service.FAQSWhat is the location of my tracking number?In the shipping confirmation, look for your tracking number."Track This Order" or "Track Your Package" can be the heading under which your tracking number is shown.Customers should be informed that they will not receive a tracking number until the order has arrived.How do I trace a Chile Post package?The Parcels app will allow you to track the status and location of your shipment that has been delivered by Chile Post - Correos Chile. Download the Parcels app for iPhone or Android to keep track of your packages and receive push notifications when their location changes.Is it possible to trace the exact location of my package?On Google Maps, you may trace the position of a shipped package using the service. The service is currently available for FedEx, UPS, TNT, and DHL packages. You only need to input the package's tracking number to track it. After that, you'll see a Google Map with the current location of your delivery.

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