In the Chilean courier market and express delivery services, they are the top private company. They have adapted to the needs and challenges of their clients and the market throughout their more than 25-year history to provide them with the best solutions in express distribution, logistics transport, and international trade, as well as money transfers, collections, and electronic commerce; to which they have added their fulfillment services aimed primarily at e-commerce and institutional clients. Their motivation is to always give outstanding service and value proposals that are segmented according to their client's demands. They aim to be a supplier that helps their clients, individuals, and organizations of all sizes, be successful in their businesses and achieve their goals, hence they want to be a supplier that helps them grow by providing exceptional logistics and distribution services.They understand that by linking people with each other and enterprises and entrepreneurs with their customers, they encourage the country's social and economic development and that for this to be sustainable, they must control the environmental implications of their activities. This is why they strive to be the best express service company in the world, dedicated to the environment, and the professional and personal growth of its employees, clients, and society.Values of the company:Integrity - They conduct themselves in a way that is ethical, honest, transparent, and mutually beneficial.Respect: They interact with one another with consideration for other people, the rules, and the obligations they have made.Commitment: They work together to improve themselves and complete their jobs while being appropriately compensated.Resilience: They are constantly on the move because they provide a vital service to the economy and society.Creativity: In all they do, they encourage creativity and constructive questioning.Each shipment has an OT and a bar code that is registered at each step along the dispatch path. This data enables you to know where and how each package or document is stored. Their distribution centers are equipped with automatic classification technologies that allow them to reduce delivery times. They offer an online platform (web and app) that allows consumers to get a quote totally online so they know how much it will cost to deliver something from one location to another. Users can prepare their shipments online and schedule their withdrawals. Money transfers can also be done over the internet.

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