Chronopost has been committed to delivering your parcels while lowering its environmental impact for the past 20 years as a sustainable business. To fundamentally change our activities, we have chosen to make big promises connected to our business. Chronopost is the French leader in the quick delivery of parcels weighing up to 30 kg to businesses and people. DPDgroup owns Chronopost in France. Chronopost is the market leader in France for express delivery of items weighing up to 30 kilograms for both businesses and individuals. Chronopost employs 3800 people, has 7200 delivery routes, and has delivered 170.7 million goods. Chronopost has a network of 87 branches and 12 hubs in France. Additionally, there are 19,500 local go-between locations. Chronopost has a global reach of 230 nations. In Europe, Chronopost has 42000 pickup points.Whether you require a delivery early in the morning or later in the day, to your house or a nearby contact point, their services address all of your demands with the care and reliability you need to help you arrange your day.Your parcel is delivered the next morning to the address of your choice, whether it's at home, at work, or on vacation. You may also build your transport label quickly and conveniently online.How can you make an online waybill to mail a package?Create your transport label - Create your transport label in just a few clicks on and begin preparing your item for shipping. Fill in your consignee's name and address, as well as the sort of item you're delivering and the delivery method you prefer.Prepare your package - After you've paid for your item online, print out your label and attach it to your package. To properly package your stuff, follow their instructions. If you need something to pack it in, Chronopost depots have many options, or you may go with an all-inclusive Prêt-à-Expédier package.Please deliver your package to them - Whether you have your package picked up or drop it off yourself is entirely up to you. You can either book a collection online and a driver will come to you to pick up your parcel, or you can leave it off at a post office, a pick-up location, or a Chronopost depot. After that, you can track your item online or using their mobile app.

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