City-Link Express

Learn about the history of City-Link Express and how, since its inception in 1979, they have grown to become one of Malaysia's leading courier firms. Fast forward to now, and they are expanding not only in Malaysia but also throughout the rest of Southeast Asia. They are excited to achieve even more and bigger success in the near future in order to establish themselves as the number one courier service for everyone. In Asia-Pacific, their objective is to meet customers' logistical demands and become their preferred provider. Through continual improvement, they will continue to strive to give better services to their consumers. They will increase their revenue and provide an excellent working environment for their staff. Their organization will be respected by their customers, workers, stakeholders, and the community if they provide high-quality services.Through the organization's reservoir of capabilities, City-Link Express continues to serve businesses in the twenty-first century by offering quick and logistics solutions that meet and surpass expectations. The pursuit of an effective and efficient supply chain including its suppliers and customers might be seen as providing quality services. City-Link Express aspires to increase its footprint throughout the Asia Pacific by providing better services and other growth prospects that may be available, while also practicing and adhering to corporate social and ethical responsibility.Door-to-Door service that caters to both B2B and B2C customers. Last-mile delivery within the United States and internationally. Receiving, storage, labeling, order processing, and distribution are all covered by our comprehensive warehousing solutions. For shipments weighing up to 45 kilograms, delivery to East Malaysia and outside locations is available. Customs clearance and documentation are handled by them. The shipment will be picked up and delivered the same day, by 6 p.m. Only valid in the Klang Valley. Banks and corporate clients receive a dedicated dispatch run. Their front-line employees will provide timely and courteous service. For your E-Commerce Web-store Development, API-Application Integration & EDI is available. Last-Minute Delivery from Commerce! Please inquire as to how they may help. Small shipments, non-account customers, and walk-in customers to any of their Branches and Drop-in Centres can use this convenient and cost-effective service.

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