CitySprint is a nationwide same-day courier with a personal touch. Rapid, super-responsive, and adaptable to the difficulties and needs of clients.From healthcare to high-tech, manufacturing to publishing, CitySprint prioritizes the consumer. CitySprint has over 30 local facilities around the UK, all of which are administered by local team members who live and work in the community. Whatever you need collected or delivered, they have the perfect vehicle in their adaptable and versatile fleet to meet your demands. CitySprint have the largest same-day courier fleet in the UK, with everything from pushbikes (the largest fleet in London) to motorbikes and small and large trucks.Same day courier servicesGetting your parcel to its destination by the end of business on the same day. Customers can rely on CitySprint's worldwide network to provide dependable service. Deliveries can be scheduled online in minutes, and full tracking and proof of delivery reporting are available.Express same day courierThis is ideal for last-minute deliveries and can be scheduled both online and over the phone, with both providing consumers with an estimated delivery time that meets their requirements. In-flight messages keep customers informed at all times.How much is same day delivery?The cost of same day courier delivery services will depend on what needs to be sent and where it needs to be sent to. The four most important factors that influence the price are the size/weight of the item, the distance between collection and delivery points, the vehicle type making the delivery and the same day courier service chosen (standard, secure or priority.) To give you an example of prices, a lightweight A4 legal document, sent by bike to addresses a mile apart in central London costs from as little as £6.50. On the other hand a laptop sent by van as a priority secure service from Birmingham to London would cost around £190.Next day parcel deliveryThis service collects customer parcel, injects it into their supplier network and delivers by close of business the very next working day. This service is perfect for when parcel need to be delivered the next working day and must get to its UK location by a certain time. International economy deliveryHeavier, bulky items are perfect to send on CitySprint economy service. This international solution is a cost-effective, door-to-door parcel delivery service. Choose delivery day to 200+ countries across the globe.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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