CJ Logistics has been a driving force in increasing people's quality of life and national economic progress for the past 90 years, pioneering and leading the logistics sector while treading the single path of logistics. They offer a quick and accurate courier service based on Korea's most reliable infrastructure, which includes the country's largest domestic Konjiam Mega Hub Terminal and 170 satellite terminals in major cities. It is the only industry in the world to fully automate the entire process, and it is steadily increasing its market share.In addition, to respond to the rapidly increasing e-commerce sector, they established an e-commerce headquarters and developed the 'CJ Korea Express fulfillment service, which combines a fulfillment center and a large-scale hub terminal to provide fast and dependable services to e-commerce operators and consumers. They are a service provider. To do this, they will focus on high-growth, high-profit enterprises and drive qualitative growth through selection and concentration. They will create a virtuous cycle structure that enhances their financial structure by constructing a high-profit structure, securing new growth engines for the future, discovering novel business models, and developing a high-profit structure.They'll use digital transformation, field deployment of cutting-edge technology, secure super-gap capabilities, and distinctive services to speed up operation optimization. They will foster a corporate culture in which the best employees may fully demonstrate their abilities while also meeting corporate social duties and engaging in global sustainability management. CJ Logistics will work to realize its ambition of being "The Global SCM Innovator" and to become a company that is respected and liked by customers and society all over the world by achieving long-term growth while maintaining the highest level of competitiveness. They ask for your support and interest in CJ Korea Express's never-ending difficulties and endeavors.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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