Clevy Links - provides a comprehensive range of cross-border e-commerce delivery and logistics services, including direct parcel delivery, customs warehouse, export and import from and to Europe (including Russia and the CIS). Clevy Links manages the complete shipping, customs clearance, and delivery chain from start to finish. Consolidators, electronic dealers, and electronic platforms like Aliexpress, GearBest, and Joom will benefit from such transportation options.Frederick Campagnac developed CLEVY LINKS in 2013. CLEVY CHINA, a consulting firm specializing in transportation and logistics, was in charge of Campagnac at the time, and Alibaba Group had asked their help to strengthen their logistical operations. Because of this initial interaction, the two firms became heavily linked, and Alibaba invited Campagnac to assist in the development of parcel delivery options, particularly for Russia and Eastern Europe. CLEVY CHINA built the solution in collaboration with the Lithuanian Post and installed CLEVY LINKS, which is responsible for managing the solution, with the consent of Alibaba and the Lithuanian Post.After that, CLEVY LINKS grew into a fast-growing start-up that provided the entire spectrum of logistical services required for cross-border electronic commerce transactions. CLEVY LINKS is a provider of self-developed logistics and parcel delivery services for cross-border e-commerce: direct parcel delivery, customs warehousing, export, and import. CLEVY has a geographical scope that includes China, Europe, and the Western CIS (Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine). CLEVY is a powerful IT system that was built in-house and accurately meets the needs of clients. CLEVY delivered over 10 million items in 2015 and has never lost a parcel since its founding in 2013. CLEVY LINKS is unique in that it is a Chinese firm run by Europeans and Chinese, with a worldwide presence and a management staff that is made up of a mix of Chinese and Europeans. Frederic Campagnac, the French creator and CEO of Clevy Links, is in charge of CLEVY. Campagnac holds the rank of a senior civil servant and formerly held a prominent position in one of the world's major shipping corporations. Campagnac has 20 years of successful business relationships between China and Europe, where he engaged in important transport projects in China and speaks three languages: English, French, and Chinese (air, rail and sea). Campagnac is still a consultant to the French Ministry of Foreign Trade and the chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce in China's working group. CLEVY LINKS has offices in Beijing, Moscow, and Vilnius, as well as a headquarters in Shenzhen.

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