CNE focuses on technology investment to improve the industry's overall efficiency, has developed an advanced information technology system service platform independently, and employs a large number of high-tech automatic operation sorting equipment to achieve an intelligent, efficient, and professional service process. CNE has served tens of thousands of cross-border e-commerce sellers and is now China's largest provider of cross-border e-commerce logistics services. CNE adheres to the concept of "good service and good products," runs the entire cycle of serving customers with the concept of "good service," and refines cross-border logistics dedicated line products to give customers "good products" that are stable and timely.Solutions for cross-border logistics. Customers have praised the product for its low-cost performance and consistent aging. CNE is the official logistics partner of numerous worldwide e-commerce platforms, as well as Amazon's official certified SPN logistics service provider and self-delivery logistics service provider. Provide high-quality cross-border logistics products and services to major worldwide e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Wish, as well as independent stations like Shopify and Shopexpress, and huge domestic self-built station sellers like SHEIN.CNE concentrates on self-operated channels and has established dedicated line services such as CNE Global Express, CNE Global Express, CNE Global Express, and CNE Global Special, which are available in 232 countries and territories worldwide. CNE's fundamental objective is to "make cross-border e-commerce easier!" Its grand vision is to develop a "world-leading cross-border logistics ecological chain," and its core values are "innovation, pragmatism, efficiency, and diligence."CNE is an Amazon, Wish, Dhgate, and other platforms' official certified partner. At the same time, CNE serves as Wish's online logistics provider. CNE holds IATA certifications and has formed strategic alliances with several airlines. The job is secure, and the peak season is assured. All tracking information provided by CNE is guaranteed to be accurate and timely. On the official website, you can self-check ticket tracking information and support 17track, Aftership, Trackingmore, CainiaoGlobal Logistics Tracking, and other websites. CNE is based in Shanghai and has branches in major East and South Chinese cities, as well as the ability to provide door-to-door collecting services.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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