COSCO Shipping

COSCO SHIPPING Lines is a wholly-owned subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as COSCO SHIPPING Holdings), with a registered capital of 23.664 billion Yuan and registered in Hongkou District (Shanghai). As the group's core business sector, the company is primarily engaged in domestic and international maritime container transport services and allied companies.COSCO SHIPPING Lines has extended its business scale and consolidated its position in the industry as a result of the merger. In the meantime, the service network has been enhanced. It opened 9 domestic branches in China, including Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Xiamen, South China, Hainan, and Wuhan, as well as 9 international branches in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, West Asia, South America, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Africa. As a result, almost 400 marketing offices have been established to cover the whole worldwide shipping sector.The Company-owned and operated 405 container boats with a combined capacity of 2.2 million TEUs by the end of March 2022. (COSCO SHIPPING Holdings owned and operated 511 container vessels with a total capacity of 3.0 million TEUs, ranking the 4th place in the world in terms of shipping capacity). COSCO SHIPPING LINES has 404 international and domestic shipping routes, with 265 international services (including international feeder services), 55 domestic services, and 84 Yangtze River and Pearl River shipping services, with anchors in 558 ports in 140 countries and regions across the world.Convenience lays the groundwork for all future possibilities. Their skilled teams set high standards for themselves to reach the benchmark of Being Convenient. Only a dependable business partner can untangle a complex scenario based on your needs to preserve one's leadership in the ever-changing worldwide market. Their logistics professionals are committed to making COSCO Shipping Lines your most dependable partner, allowing you to gain a complete understanding of the market. COSCO Shipping Lines is meticulous in every aspect of cargo delivery. Safety is not only a COSCO Shipping Lines code of conduct but also a pledge.

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