Croatian Post Inc., which was founded in 1999 and is owned by the Republic of Croatia, is a business corporation. Croatian Post is the Republic of Croatia's national postal service. The Croatian Post's (total number: 1016) post offices make up one of the country's most extensive service and retail networks. Apart from postal services, Croatian Post also provides payment, retail, and digital television services throughout the country. Croatian Post is also a full member of the Association of European Public Postal Operators (PostEurop), which was founded by Croatian Post. Croatia is also a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Croatian Post also issues Croatian postage stamps.Croatian Post was established as a separate joint stock company on January 1, 1999, following the division of the public company HPT-Hrvatska pota I telekomunikacije (HPT Croatian Post and Telecommunications) into two joint stock companies: one for postal services (Croatian Post) and the other for telecommunications (HPT Croatian Post and Telecommunications) (Croatian Telecommunication). Croatian Post's current business activities are a continuation of the postal business in Croatia's tradition and continuity.Croatian postal service is divided into four divisions. Transport, sorting, and delivery of mail are all handled by the Postal Service Division. The Network Division is in charge of the post office network. The Express Services Division – hpekspres – is in charge of express delivery. The Support Services Division is in charge of financial and real estate matters, among other things.Services of the Post OfficeCroatian Post is a national postal operator that provides services such as mail acceptance, directing, transport, and delivery for both domestic and international letter mail. All users in Croatia have access to universal postal services under the same conditions. Apart from universal services, Croatian Post offers a variety of other postal services, including direct mail acceptance, directing, transport, and delivery, printed matter (books and prints), parcels, prepaid reply service (IBRS/CCRI mail), express mail services (EMS), and value-added services such as hpekspres, business parcel, and e-parcel.ePostePost is a Croatian Post service that allows users to complete a variety of tasks using electronic media. It is possible to receive and send letters, messages, and documents (including bills) in electronic format through the ePost service, pay bills with credit and debit cards whether they were received through the service or sent to a home address, and store documents in secure archives that are accessible at all times and from anywhere. Users can safely and easily manage their documents after registering for the ePost service, which uses current safety standards based on certificates.

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