Czech Post is the Czech Republic's state-owned postal service. The company employs roughly 31,000 people and is headquartered in Prague. Czech Post is largely focused on serving the Czech Republic, but it also sends mail to other nations. Česká pošta was founded on January 1, 1993, following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, and was separated from both the Slovak postal service and Cesky Telecom. All of these organizations were originally grouped under the Administration of Posts and Telecommunications, but after a decision by the Minister of Economy on December 16, they have broken apart. The APOST automatic postal system was first implemented in 1993. The postal service switched from an "outpatient technique" of sorting things, in which they were processed while traveling, to a system in which all mail was sorted in collecting transport hubs or at post offices on May 29, 1999. The Czech Telecommunication Office assumed responsibility for Česká pošta on April 1, 2005. The service got a certificate of accreditation for the provision of digital signatures on Sember 1st of that year. 593 Post was renamed on Sember 1, 2006, at the request of the Czech Telecommunications Office, so that mail contains the name of the municipality consistently, except in villages with names composed of the names of two villages, where the name of the mail includes only the name of one of the parts. The operation of the branch plant, OZ shipping, and commercial services, and OZ VAKUS was canceled on October 1, 2006, by a decision of the Director-General of Česká pošta (acronym from the original name of Computer and control switchboard connections). The Supervisory Board examined a proposal to turn Česká pošta into a limited company on November 22, 2006, and directed Director-General Karl Kratina to further explore the idea.In May 2007, a new SPU opened in Brno, replacing three previous SPUs in Brno, Beclav, and Jihlava. Later that year, the government approved a plan to turn Česká pošta into a joint-stock company, which would go into effect in mid-2009. In March 2012, legislation was passed to end the service's remaining monopoly: exclusive delivery of items weighing less than 50 grams. This law went into force in January of 2013. In June 2014, Martin Elkán was appointed as the new CEO of Česká pošta. Elkán stated in July 2014 that it would franchise about 200 smaller post offices across the Czech Republic, with 49 franchises already up and running. Roman Knapp was named CEO of Česká pošta on June 18, 2018.

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