The founders of the company have over 20 years of experience in the supply chain, cross-border export, air transportation, corporate financial services, and other industries, primarily for cross-border export industries (including foreign trade factories, cross-border e-commerce, cross-border sellers, and so on) to provide professional services Cross-border supply chain solutions.The nationwide door-to-door collecting network covers the following locations: Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Dongguan/Huizhou/Foshan/Yiwu/Chongqing and adjacent areas, as well as other parts of the country via their cooperative express delivery door-to-door. Warehouse resources in Hong Kong: can provide super-preferential self-delivery, warehousing, and other services. Establish a subsidiary firm to expand the Southwest market, with Chengdu as the focal point, and the Central China market, with Wuhan as the focal point. Create a supply chain platform with a broad range of coverage and high radiation levels. The company's business has grown substantially as a result of hard labor. There are currently around 2,000 client groups. The corporation, as well as well-known listed cross-border e-commerce companies, state-owned enterprises, and cross-border e-commerce companies, are among them (export). The top ten large sellers and businesses have created excellent commercial transportation linkages and have established themselves as reliable partners for both domestic and international clients.Deqi constantly analyzes changes in the entire industry or entire market, seizes market opportunities, rationally operates domestic and foreign advantages and unique resources, and forms multiple core products with its characteristics, combining the development strategy and its core competitiveness. Deqi combines development strategies and its core competitiveness, analyzes changes in the entire industry or market regularly, seizes market opportunities, rationally operates domestic and foreign advantages and unique resources, and creates multiple core products with its characteristics.CX Airlines is the first-class carrier with extensive coverage of Hong Kong Air Transport Dazhuang and international first-hand routes. Ensure the greatest air freight price and worry-free room during the off-peak season. Save time and worry by providing more precise logistics and distribution services, and ensuring that all nodes are tightly connected to ensure the safety of items in transit.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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