Estafeta, formerly a post office serving Mexico, is today a significant postal service provider, having been founded on August 8, 1979. When it purchased the Transportadora Terrestre, its shipping grew to 105,000. It began using a barcode system to keep track of the increasing volume of shipments until additional offices could be built to accommodate it. As a result, Estafeta Service System was created to ensure that they could handle the increased demand for delivery.Estafeta entered the international service because of the necessity for postal service by businesses and households, with corporate offices in D.F. Ceylon's Estafeta and Operational Center. To expand its service to the United States, it created a branch in Laredo, Texas. When telecommunications and the internet began to infiltrate the sector, new changes began to emerge. Estafeta was able to maintain its expansion by handling 50 million collects and deliveries across Canada and the United States. It currently uses GPS technology to trace shipments both locally and internationally. Its broad expansion has resulted in the opening of various offices around the United States. Estafeta presently provides national and international cargo and air fleet shipments, as well as air parcel delivery, next-day delivery, an online tracking system, and e-services. Online collections and electronic billing are also offered. Customers can also make use of self-service solutions provided by the organization. Making a payment, tracking a cargo, and determining the frequency of delivery and price of a product are all simple tasks using the online integration system. Customers will also receive an email or text message regarding their purchase with the company. Customer support can also assist you with your questions or offer you a price.Estafeta also engages with the community through tree-planting activities, socio-cultural projects, financial programs that span 30 states, and, most importantly, the hiring of 35 disabled people to polish their talents.

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