Exelot is an e-commerce logistics company that offers cutting-edge technology solutions to help you boost your online sales. They've created a cutting-edge digital platform for shipping products to international markets. Their cutting-edge digital system includes everything you need to manage e-commerce shipments. All aspects of the international logistics chain are covered, including land, air, and sea shipping. This system also analyzes each package's data to determine the most efficient shipping method for faster delivery and reduced expenses. Their goal is to eliminate the drawbacks of existing logistics solutions to improve customer happiness and provide merchants with a more cost-effective approach to managing to ship and enhancing revenues.Services:AFFORDABLE SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS SERVICES - Learn about a complete end-to-end logistics system tailored to e-commerce cross-border shipment and delivery. Exelot e-commerce logistics services are a more cost-effective solution to ship items to all corners of the globe in less time than other shipping options. They handle every stage of the shipping process, from order to delivery and tracking, to streamline the entire logistical chain. Their system connects to your online store or marketplace and consolidates shipments based on delivery type, destination country, and distribution method. Their international shipping services help you cut costs and shorten delivery times, allowing you to increase earnings, customer happiness, and market reach.GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS FLEXIBLE DELIVERY OPTIONS - Exelot's border shipping services benefit both customers and businesses. Sellers can charge less for shipping and perhaps lower the cost of their items as their method lowers delivery expenses. Customers can pay less money and get their items from other countries sooner. Your clients will appreciate the flexibility of their system's delivery options, in addition to lower pricing and shorter delivery times. To meet their unique demands, customers can pick from home delivery, automatic parcel lockers, or self-collection outlets. Their one-of-a-kind business strategy provides the tracking, dependability, and pricing needed to boost customer satisfaction and sales.SHORTER DELIVERY WINDOWS - Their shipping services are powered by an innovative cloud-based platform that analyzes the shipping process using AI and machine learning. Their technology can automatically calculate the most efficient shipping route and alternate possibilities based on the performance, abilities, overloads, and deviations from the supplier's service expectations (SLA). Traditional shipping can take up to 30 days or more, but they've cut the typical delivery time in half to just 3 to 10 days. With support for dozens of status kinds used by logistical firms, sellers and purchasers may trace packages during their entire route.QUALITY SERVICES FROM EXELOT A TRUSTED LOGISTICS PROVIDER - They understand that switching from existing carriers to an advanced logistics solution may be a difficult decision for your company. Early adopters of new technologies, on the other hand, are often the ones who benefit the most. They are dedicated to providing the most dependable and cost-effective choice for sending your goods around the world. They've demonstrated that adding new clients has resulted in sales increases of hundreds of percent in new destination nations. Their services are backed by a team of experts with decades of expertise in the fields of information technology, e-commerce, marketing, finance, and logistics, as well as former Israel Post Service executives. They are a reliable supplier for e-commerce shipping in the future.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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