Panasia (Pan Asia International) is a Chinese logistics business that mostly handles GearBest shipments. All shipments begin in China and are handed over to local courier companies after they have crossed the border into the destination country. Faryaa's English tracking can be accessed straight from the company's website. Panasia packages are delivered via Hermes in Germany. Panasia delivers shipments to BRT Bartolini, a DPD Group company, in Italy. SEUR is commonly used for shipments to Portugal. Correos Spain is the company in charge of sending packages to Spain. Panasia also works with DPD UK to send packages from China to the United Kingdom, and then DPD delivers them throughout Europe, including Spain, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Panasia Express shipments are delivered by UPS. Note that the 7 to 15 business days of delivery mentioned on the GearBest website may not be met during times when there is a high volume of orders, and there may be some delays with customs clearance in London.Those who are new to GearBest and have recently placed an order from China with Customs Clearance Method: Priority Line - Spain Express (orders are forwarded to Portugal via Spain) may be perplexed because the order can pass through four different couriers before arriving at the destination. Depending on the product, Gearbest uses one of two Priority Line shipping methods. The real delivery method appears under the Shipping Method after the order has been submitted. If you see ESEXPSE in the Shipping Method field, your order will be shipped by SEUR. If you see Correos Line in the Shipping Method field, your order will be sent by Correos Spain. SEUR packages will have a tracking number that begins with SU and ends in 15 digits, such as SU15173712648856.Beishisheng could trace Gearbest shipments sent by Germany Priority Mail (also known as Germany Express) because they were delivered in Germany via Hermes ( This has been impossible for a long time. The reason for this is that Gearbest has switched logistics providers to speed up delivery times. allows you to track Germany Express shipments from China. Hermes begins promptly updating the status of the shipment once it arrives in Germany.

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