Freight & Distribution Management (FDM) exists to provide their customers with creative and dependable supply chain solutions, focusing on quality, efficiency, and compliance to tailor their solutions to your business needs. They want to be a true partner, and they will collaborate closely with you to personalize their services to your specific requirements. They're constantly looking ahead. In early 2019, they'll open a new purpose-built warehouse in Eastern Creek, Sydney, NSW. It also receives a five-star rating from the Green Star Certification program. At the end of the day, their priority is end-to-end fulfillment, which means they are fully responsible for the warehousing and transportation supply chains.They take pleasure in creating a compassionate and supportive atmosphere in which their employees can thrive. They're glad to claim that they've kept the majority of their original personnel since their inception in 2003. FDM has a strong sense of community, and they bring that quality to every project they work on with you. Services:Warehousing and Fulfilment - They provide secure warehousing and fulfillment solutions for any size warehousing requirement. Their online, integratable Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows you to track and handle your orders. Global Footprint - They have a global footprint of more than 1.2 million sq/m of warehouse space across a group of firms in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and North America. Local Scalability - They have a national delivery network and over 35,000 square meters of warehouse space strategically situated throughout Australia and New Zealand. Account Management - Your account manager will assist you in achieving your company objectives. Your account manager will assist your firm in growing by providing superior knowledge and analytical insights into your organization. 24/7 Customer Service Support - They understand how valuable your time is, therefore their pleasant multicultural customer care team is available to speak with you at any time during the process. Allow them to assist you with all aspects of your business, including picking and packaging, inventory, returns, and shipping. Value-Added Services - They'll go above and above for you, such as developing custom boxes and packaging. Just ask one of their friendly staff members. Kitting, bundling and reworks - Get rid of excess inventory and lower shipping costs through kitting, bundling, and reworking. They can combine several order numbers into a single number, making it easier to handle. Your goods will be wrapped, shrink-wrapped, and relabeled by them. Choose, Patch, and Send - Their professionals will pick, patch, and dispatch your goods for you, giving you more time to concentrate on your main business. Cycle Count, Stocktake, and Physical Inventory - Let their web management system handle your annual stocktake, regular cycle counts, and physical inventory. De-stuffing and Receipting of Containers - They take great care unloading and inspecting your things, as well as recognizing receipt of your cargo. Returns Management - They'll take care of your reverse logistics, including managing all product returns, keeping your customers satisfied, and restocking your inventory. Processing Quality Assurance (QA) - They take quality assurance very seriously. They work hard to fulfill your service delivery objectives and expectations, keeping safety and compliance at the center of everything they do.Transport - Every time, their flawless transition from warehouse to delivery results in satisfied consumers. Every year, their transportation network transports more than 2.5 million boxes across the country and internationally. Total Order Tracking - Their industry-leading web technology gives you a complete insight into your orders from beginning to end. Local Scalability - They have a national delivery network and over 35,000 square meters of warehouse space strategically situated across five facilities in Australia and New Zealand. Fast Delivery/Transport Network - Their professionals manage high-speed delivery, ensuring that your package is both efficient and cost-effective. Global Scalability - They have approximately 1.2 million square meters of warehouse space available worldwide - both inside their group of companies and for foreign delivery. International Deliveries - They provide international shipping services throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Specialized Home Delivery Network - With their dependable and fast door-to-door delivery service in Australia and New Zealand, they'll make sure your customers are satisfied. Road Express Carton and Pallet Deliveries - Their broad road delivery network ensures on-time delivery.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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