Finland Post is the primary Finnish postal service, delivering mail and parcels throughout the country. is Finland's primary postal service, delivering mail and parcels throughout the country. The company's sole shareholder is the Finnish government. Posti is required by law to deliver letters on weekdays in all municipalities throughout Finland. Posti's headquarters are in Pohjois-Pasila, Helsinki. Posti has a nearly 400-year history. The company is divided into four business groups: Postal Services, Parcel and Logistics Services, Itella Russia, and OpusCapita. In 2016, Posti's net sales were EUR 1,647 million. Posti employs 20,300 people. Businesses and organizations account for approximately 96 percent of net sales. The key customer sectors for the company are commerce, services, and media. Around 26,000 professionals work for Finland Post. The Itella brand is used for corporate services, while the Posti brand is used for consumer services in Finland. Itella is owned by the Finnish government, giving them credibility and long-term commitment to their strategy.The following are the operations of Finland Post:Posti Oy, a subsidiary of Postal Services, is responsible for the delivery of letters, direct mail, newspapers, and magazines throughout Finland. Home services help public and private home care providers be more efficient and flexible in generating their services. Delivery employees also give check-in and assistance services for the elderly, and in 2016 launched a pilot program offering lawn mowing.Package & Logistics Services provides parcel and e-commerce services, as well as transportation, international road, air, sea, and rail freight, warehousing and supplemental services, and customs clearing.OpusCapita is a company that automates financial processes. OpusCapita is a global company with operations in eight European countries (Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, and Sweden) and a global network of foreign partners.

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