Freight Mark Group first opened its doors in Malaysia in 1987, and since then, they've built a reputation as one of the country's leading top-tier integrated logistics companies, offering superior comprehensive and customized Third Party Logistics Services. They are headquartered in Shah Alam, Malaysia, at their 250,000-square-foot state-of-the-art National Distribution & Warehousing Centre. With their 30 strategically located hubs across the country and a dedicated team of over 300 experienced Logistics professionals, Freight Mark Group can and will meet any logistic challenge.Services:DISTRIBUTION & TRANSPORTATION - They have risen to the top of the logistics sector because of their extensive network of logistics hubs strategically located throughout Peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia, and Brunei. With their sophisticated and advanced fleet of GPS-enabled vehicles, they can provide rapid, accurate, on-time, and damage-free delivery with a complete grasp of their customers' items and unique handling requirements.FREIGHT FORWARDING (AIR & SEA) - They offer a full range of domestic and international air and sea freight services. All operational aspects are handled by them. Their cargo consolidation service entails the pre-planning of critical elements needed for successful shipping. Transport arrangements, container bookings, contact with shipping and aviation lines, and the drafting of critical and needed paperwork are among the services provided. They can ensure cargo is boarded on the earliest available vessel or flight because of their familiarity with shipping and airline timetables. Their devoted team of customer care representatives oversees every detail along the road, allowing them to give timely information to their clients. This is included in their overall service package.CONSOLIDATION OF CARGO (DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL) - They specialize in less-than-container (LCL) and full container load (FCL) shipping, as well as over-dimensional and conventional freight. Their services enable customers to create tailored solutions that maximize container space availability while also benefiting from economies of scale.STORAGE AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENT - Their fully computerized warehouse systems, experienced crew, strict security measures, clerical and inventory activities are all streamlined to achieve a high degree and standard of operational efficiency, cost control, and responsiveness to analyze their customers' stock and inventory movements and ensure orders are fulfilled quickly. Their customers' stock levels are tracked in real-time, and use reports are generated that are accessible at any time.BROKERAGE & COMPLIANCE WITH CUSTOMS - Cargo delays at customs can have a negative impact on their customers' business and bottom line. While the package is in transit, their real-time tracking system and customer support representatives can begin customs clearing procedures. Their customs brokerage professionals ensure that their customers' cargo is cleared quickly and without incident upon arrival, using thorough, up-to-date expertise and information of the newest Import and Export rules.GENERAL AND MARINE INSURANCE - The security of their customers' cargo is crucial, whether they're importing or exporting. Their experts will provide guidance and explanations of risk factors, as well as arrange for customized and cost-effective cargo insurance from their panel of highly renowned insurers.

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