Gaash was founded in 2002 by Dalia and Ronen Simgi, the company's owner and CEO, who is also the Chairman of the I.C.C.F (Israeli Chamber for Customs Members), among other things. He has a long history in customs processes and courier (e-commerce) handling, and Gaash was the first logistics company in Israel to handle E-commerce shipments into Israel in 1986. They tailor their services to each client, and they invest in both technology and human resources to achieve this goal. Gaash processes over 400,000 shipments every month for shops all over the world. Gaash's warehouse is situated in the courier part of Ben Gurion Airport, right in the heart of the E-commerce center. Gaash offers e-commerce consumers all delivery methods such as home delivery, pickup stations, lockers, and "Next door delivery" at this warehouse, which is keeping up with the growing demands of the E-commerce business.GAASH Worldwide aims to be Israel's foremost E-commerce service provider, servicing its customers' logistics needs with excellence and value. Gaash was founded in 2002 as Israel's first e-commerce service provider. Gaash has cleared and delivered millions of parcels throughout Israel since that day. Their employees are well-trained and have many years of experience in this field, so they can service a wide range of customers with a wide range of commodities. They can provide added value to their customers by managing all types of certificates required for customs clearance. Gaash invests in technology and people resources to achieve this goal.Their warehouse is located in the courier section of Ben-Gurion International Airport, where they handle e-commerce parcels with speed, service, and a special license and technology. Gaash handles shipments from the United States, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, keeping in mind the unique processes of each country, assuring their clients of the same exceptional service here and abroad. Gaash offers e-commerce customers all delivery methods: home delivery, pickup points, lockers, and "next to the door." They think that meeting the needs of their customers is their mission, thus they tailor their services to every one of them.

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