The Georgian Post is a renowned national postal operator that specializes in delivering universal postal services to its customers. The organization is focused on utilizing cutting-edge technology in order to deliver the best possible service to its customers.Georgian Post is a member of the international postal unions UPU and PostEurope. The latter is the European Social Postal Association, which was created in Brussels in 1993 and represents 52 postal operators from 49 countries. The Universal Postal Union (UPU) was founded in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland's capital. It unites 192 countries and is one of the world's oldest organizations.For the first time in history, Georgia has been elected as a member of the CA of the World Postal Union Administrative Board and as the Deputy Head of the CA of the World Postal Union Administrative Board. Many reforms in terms of developing operations and services were carried out with this goal in mind. The Georgian Post was rebranded, its service centers were refurbished, staff were retrained, new labor standards were established, and innovative technologies were implemented, resulting in the Georgian Post being recognized as a reliable and significant partner. Currently, the Company works successfully with 191 nations throughout the world.Georgian Post Ltd. is responsible for the following tasks:- Mailings: receiving, sending, and delivering (letters, parcels, postcards, print materials)The Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the International Postal Union (IPU) provide services both within the country and internationally.the network of the International Express Mail Service (EMS);- Receiving money for utility services;- Money transactions inside the country, as well as transfers to Belgium, Turkey, Japan, and other countries.Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States;- Telegraph services, both within the country and to rural and regional centers;Georgian Post is made up of the following elements:- On March 1, 2001, the "Georgian International Express Mail Service" was established. It is included in the package.Express Mail Services has a global network that provides mail services for EMS 192 countries, as well as packages.

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