Shanghai Yisu International Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded on February 18, 1997 (name change registered on June 2, 2006), and its registered brand trademark is GESWL EXPRESS. Its activities include air, sea, and inland international freight transportation, agency service, international express, agent declaration, and other professional logistics transportation and freight forwarding services.This company has a proprietary intellectual property rights goods information input system, GPS online real-time inquiring system, excellent after-sales service system, advanced goods operation, and distribution flow line, and over 100 branches and agency points throughout the country, as well as approximately 800 sharp-witted, capable, and temperate employees. Furthermore, when supplying you with real-time and high-efficiency services, their Company makes every effort to quickly advance to first-class worldwide fast express companies.The company's service is built on the principles of "safety, speed, and convenience." This company believes that "your pleasure is their highest priority" and strives to make things "broader, faster, and more convenient." The company promotes credit management. The firm publicly declares "operation scope flow," "operation flow," "package description," "pricing list," and "complaints 24-hour hotline" and consciously accepts social oversight based on the idea of the fair and just operation and transparent and open service. Within the parameters set by governmental rules and decrees, the company strives to provide consumers with comprehensive international express services.Shanghai Yisu International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai Express Trade Association official member. The Shanghai Credit Management Office is establishing "credit enterprise" and "enterprise credit standing publicity" for businesses. The company is working to improve management levels internally and service quality outside, intending to reach a new and higher level in all areas.

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